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    The practice of upgrading existing software for newer computing methodologies, such as newer languages, frameworks, and to cloud infrastructure, is known as Application Innovation or App Modernization.

    Most IT products these days have a 3-years lifespan, after which they tend to go obsolete and have significant impact on the business. To keep up, they must re-architect legacy products and implement digital transformation by modernizing and migrating their applications and infrastructure to the cloud.

    Innovation heritage applications is a vital factor of digital transformation. The exact justification for updating an app will vary from one organization to the next, but the overall benefits are similar across all cases, including reduced total cost of ownership, better agility and scalability, and improved security and performance.

  • Why Application Innovation?

    App Innovation enables the introduction of new business capabilities. This agility makes an organization more compliant to future market and technology disruptions, and better able to handle unanticipated changes in technology, customers, and the competition. Application Innovation is not just about streamlining the products and services and moving them to the cloud.

    To put "customer experience" into perspective, here are some aspects that can make or break app experiences today, and as technology evolves, the bar for what customers expect continues to rise. Speed, personalization, and cross device are some of the examples of what end users expect in an apps today.

    Nowadays, customers have high expectation like user-friendly apps, if performance is not up to the mark, 79% won’t visit the app again. The app should provide personalization or else 38% won't call again if they must repeat themselves. Just like how customer experience has become critical to the success, customers expectations have also increased.

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Benefits of Innovating Business Applications to Azure

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    TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is Lower

    Moving an on-premises application to cloud allows you to reduce infrastructure costs and shift from a CapEx to an OpEx model. Cloud migration result in a 50% reduction in IT infrastructure costs for the company by eliminating unnecessary workloads. Additional savings can be achieved through such innovation.

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    Assists in Increasing Employee Productivity

    In current digital era, everyone wants to stay forefront with modern technology. However, if you continue to use outdated software or technology, your employees' satisfaction will suffer, which will have a direct impact on their productivity. By using modern technologies, it is feasible to automate tedious and repetitive operations, which will increase employee productivity.

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    Improved Agility and Scalability

    Reconstructing an on-prem app for the cloud lets organizations act more rapidly on chances. App innovation empowers businesses to create new features and services that align with current business needs and feature goals.

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    Enhanced Security and Performance

    Cloud offers integral security mechanisms, granular controls for agreement and privacy, along with deep insights into how applications are performing, and the actionable alerts and references associated with them.

Canarys Offerings

  • App Migration and Modernization

    Businesses may regain control of their application landscape, match it with specific business needs, and extract value from the modernized portfolio while making applications safer by migrating and modernizing. With our strong expertise in the domain, we help you to move your legacy systems to the new-age future-ready Microsoft based cloud systems. We study your current and future requirements to provide suitable and cost-effective cloud solution to ensure cost-savings, as well as scope for the future growth avoiding reinvestments. Our services are designed to take the load off your hands and provide you with fast, hassle-free migration. This way your development and testing environment benefits from a visibly shorter cycle time and better efficiencies and your production environment with efficient disaster recovery measures.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment

    We engage the various key stakeholders to analyse the requirements, current IT infrastructure and then formulate a robust and growth-oriented cloud strategy to address key business areas and responsibilities. This assessment will help you in deriving the roadmap for cloud adoption and helps in all important cloud decision making process.

  • DevOps

    Enables agile development teams to emphasis on their fundamental strengths by bringing ‘as a service’ environment, tailor your company’s need. Ensure high ROI (Return on Investment) and desired results. Design and execute DevOps management plans to mitigate the risk, pitfalls, and costs of DevOps. DevOps helps in continuous integration and continuous deployment.

  • Cloud Native contrization

    Cloud-native architecture and technologies are a way of planning, building, and running workloads in the cloud to take advantage of cloud computing. contrs, which are part of the larger technology strategy are a solution to these needs. They're little software packages that, in theory, accomplish a single, well-defined goal. contr images include all the software required to execute, including configurations, modules, and other prerequisites.

    - Docker is a popular contrization platform that enables developers to package applications into contrs, which are standardised executable components that integrate application source code with the OS libraries and dependencies required to run that code in any environment.

    - AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service), is a fully managed contr orchestration service. As a hosted Kubernetes service, Azure delivers critical tasks like health support and diagnosis. As Azure manages the Kubernetes master, you only must handle the agent nodes. The primary advantages of AKS are flexibility, automation, and reduced management overhead.

Why Canarys

Canarys as your chosen partner will work with your team to discover, analyse, prioritize, innovate, and migrate your applications to the cloud. We will create a plan based on your application portfolio depending on your company goals. This is a strategic decision. We will recommend the path that’s right for your organization.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    We are recognized for our #1 market position with Microsoft Azure.

  • Technical Expertise

    We've developed a certification program for Cloud Technology Architects  to inject deep technical expertise and quality control.

  • Latest Technology and Methods

    We continue to invest and develop our intellectual property for application-led cloud services.

Modernization Metrics

  • By 2026,50%
    of the current S&P 500 will be replaced

  • Every industry is affected by disruption, and no company is immune.

  • By 2022, 90%
    of organizations will use an integrated IaaS and PaaS

  • Half of the businesses that were on the Fortune 500 in 2000 are now gone, replaced by organizations that deliver value quicker, healthier, and inexpensively than incumbents.

  • The present Fortune 500 very much faces the same fate. Applications and technology play a central role in an organization's ability to compete and execute.


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    In terms of web applications, underlying infrastructure plays a vital role in coping with application performance, complex logic, traffic surges, and long-running processor execution times.

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