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Creating Apps Using Phonegap Framework in IOS

Creating apps for different operating system is not a reliability so for reducing developr work for all devices, the phonegap framework comes into picture with a highly responsive for all devices, write program in Javascript/Jquery  and give a build in any platform. So here i am going to demonstrate the "HOW TO GENERATE IOS BUILD USING PHONEGAP IN XCODE".


Download latest zip file from the below link

and save into your desktop(or anywhere).

before creating your project, make sure u have installed Node.js. 

check using terminal  $ npm 

if not installed pls install latest from here

i downloaded the latest Phonegap file and save it on desktop.

IOS Phonegap



IOS Phonegap


open the terminal from the applications. and open the directory where u saved phonegap file, for ios create a project using below keywords

$ cd desktop/phonegap-2.9.1/lib/ios/bin

bin $ ./create ~/desktop/projectfolder  bundleidentifiername projectname


EX : 

bin $ ./create ~/desktop/HelloWorld  com.hello  Helloworld

and hit enter and without any error you will get your project on dektop inside project folder.

make sure it contains all required folder ex: cordova, cordovelib, www folders

open with xcode the generated project and give a build without any error u will get a cordova welcome screen.



IOS Phonegap


your project folder contains www folder inside that folder all required folder are there for project, if u copy paste any file/image under www folder that will reflect into your xcode also.

now u can add any new html/css/js file under www folder.


IOS Phonegap



now open www folder under that open index.html file in the project folder and modify the code as your requirement.

if u want to call any new html page inside the html page use below line of code 

 window.document.location.href='new.html';   // for calling new html file


it should be under www folder


for calling any javascript file or css file  in html page use below line of code 



href="index.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />




if files are under subfolder inside the www main folder then mention the file path also


href="subfolder/index.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

  type="text/javascript" src="subfolder/cordova.js">



Useful links for learning Javascript, HTML and CSS 




Phonegap Resources link :



now we done with the basic example of helloworld in ios using phonegap.

In Next part of the tutorial we will learn audio recording and playing using phonegap.........




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