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Microsoft Azure Stack : Power of Azure in our datacentre

Why Azure Stack?

Microsoft Azure Stack is a new hybrid cloud platform product that enables our organization to deliver Azure services from our own datacentre to help us achieve more. Get the power of cloud services, yet maintain control of our datacentre for true hybrid cloud agility. You decide where to keep our data and applications - in our own datacentre or with a hosting service provider. Easily access public cloud resources to scale at busy times of the year, for dev-test or whenever we need them. Only Microsoft builds and runs its own hyper-scale datacentres and delivers that proven innovation to our datacentre.


Bring Azure services to our datacentre

Transform on-premises datacentre resources into cloud services for maximum agility. Run Azure infrastructure services - including Virtual Machines, Virtual Network, and blob/table storage - or applications like SQL Server or SharePoint. IT gets to control the on-premises service delivery experience. Empower developers to write cloud-first applications using on-premises deployments of Azure App Service and Docker-integrated containers. Make them productive with the same self-service experience as Azure.


Experience unified app development

Build and deploy our application the same way regardless of whether it runs on Azure or Azure Stack. Use Azure Resource Manager to build reusable application templates for both traditional and cloud-native apps. Use role-based access control in Azure Resource Manager and Azure Active Directory to enable fine-grained access to application resources. Write to the same Azure APIs. Use the same Azure SDK. Continue to use Visual Studio as our development canvas. Or use PowerShell to deploy if that’s what we prefer. Just like Azure, we get a broad choice of open source technologies including Linux, Java, Node.js, and PHP.


Benefit from one Azure ecosystem

Jump-start our Azure Stack efforts with the rich Azure ecosystem. Applications and components designed for Azure will also work with Azure Stack - be it Azure Resource Manager templates, Windows Server/Linux VM images or third-party services. Use GitHub to store and share templates in the Azure Stack gallery.



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