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Creating Simple App Using Ionic Framework


Ionic framework is a simple, beautiful and structured Software Development Kit by using this we can create mobile apps. We can create both Android and iOS apps using ionic framework. You will find many docs and example for creating the apps using Ionic framework.

Creating the Setup Environment:

Follow the below steps to create the setup environment

1. Navigate to

2. Select the required version depending on your OS and install the Ionic lab setup.

3. Once you install the setup file, a shortcut for the ionic lab will be present on your desktop.

4. Click on the New App, You will get a window as shown below



Give a name for your app

Browse for a folder where you want to keep your project.

You can create four type of Apps like Blank Starter, Tabs, Side Menu and Maps depending on your need. Or you can create a blank starter app and can create functionality of other templates too.




Enable Sass – This is used for customizing the CSS

Enable Cordova – This includes a JS file which helps to use hardware components of the device like camera and other things





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