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Thank you for the overwhelming response for our first release of VSTS on mobile app. More than thousand users have downloaded our app in a span of 3 months and we have been receiving lot of requests for new capabilities in the App. Our engineering team has been working hard quite some time to bring out cool features into the app, so we are super excited to release an updated version of the app with newer capabilities like GIT/TFVC, Release Management with Approval workflow, Work Item Create and Edits and VSTS Build detailed view.

Upcoming Release:

In this release of VSTS on mobile App, we are planning to include the following functionalities.

For Release Managers, our app will retrieve the list of releases for status check, deployment approvals on the go.

VSTS Release Management capabilities- Keep a track of the deployment into multiple environments, find-out pending approvals and approve/reject/reassign the releases

  • Release Definitions: Provides list of all Release definitions within a project


  • Releases per Definition: View list of releases for a definition and their status


  • Release Summary: View details of a release such as, Release Description, Trigger type (Manual/Automated), Linked build artifacts, Environments, Release status (Succeed/In-progress/Failed) and the timestamp of the release triggered.


  • Manage Approval, Rejection and reassign of a release


  • View list of pending approvals for a logged in user


Stay tuned till end of February 2017 to get the above exciting VSTS features on Mobile!!


Current App Features:

** Works with only Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and uses OAuth 2.0 configuration **


The following features were encompassed in the first release of our app.Fig6.0

  • Beautiful dashboard with key metrics represented graphically
  • Switch and work with multiple accounts, projects, teams and iterations seamlessly
  • View build status for the various build definitions in the project
  • View the changesets created by your team
  • View the team member assignments and current status of the various work items in the project
  • Drill-down into the work items to view the status
  • View the details of the work items



Feel free to leave comments if you have any queries/suggestion.



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