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Bugzilla to TFS Migrator (Part 3 of 4) – Configuration

This is the third part of the Bugzilla to TFS Migrator blog series covering the configuration of the migration tool for migration from Bugzilla to TFS 2013.

  1. The Bugzilla to TFS Migrator tool requires few configurations to be completed, prior to use. One of the requirements is to have a customized TFS bug work item as the default bug work item would not have placeholders to accommodate the data from all the fields from Bugzilla. This would require addition of fields, status values and state transitions to match the equivalents in the Bugzilla. If you do not want to customize the TFS work item, then you can use the free custom work item template provided with the installer namely the Bug2.xml.

Custom Bug Work Item

  1. To use the custom bug work item provided with the installer, you will need to launch the Developer Command Prompt as Administrator and run the following command after making the necessary changes with respect to your TFS installation.

witadmin importwitd /collection:http://ws2012r2:8080/Tfs/TailspinToysCollection /p:”Tailspin Toys” /f:”C:\Program Files (x86)\BugzillaMigrator\bug2.xml”

When the message “The work item type import has completed.” is displayed, the custom work item will be ready for use.

Work Item Import

  1. The custom bug2 work item can now be accessed from the Team Explorer or the Web Access. If the custom work item does not appear in the list, you will need to refresh the list by clicking the Refresh option beside the Search Work Items box.

Custom Work Item in Team Explorer

  1. To ensure that the data from the fields in Bugzilla properly migrates to the corresponding fields in the TFS work item, the field mappings will need to be provided. Edit the FieldMapping.xml to make the necessary changes.

Field Mapping Configuration

  1. The status values and transitions in Bugzilla varies with the state values and transitions in TFS. Hence we will need to provide the status mapping between Bugzilla to TFS to ensure proper translation of the same. Edit the StatusMapping.xml to make the necessary changes.

Status Mapping Configuration

  1. Since the TFS users are different from the Bugzilla users, we will need to provide the user mapping between the TFS users and the Bugzilla users so that the ownership and revision gets updated appropriately. Edit the UserMapping.xml to make the necessary changes.

User Mapping Configuration

  1. If you do not plan to use the sample mapping files provided, you can generate new bootstrapping mapping files for your Bugzilla installation, using the Bugzilla Migrator tool. Use the tools menu for generating the new mapping files.

Mapping File Generation

The article has been split into 4 parts to enable easy access to the requisite parts. Please refer to the below link to access the final part:



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