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In this Blog we will discuss about new VSTS extension "VSTS TeamProject Monitor" developed by Canarys. The extension allows you to view the total number of team projects created for an account, process templates being used and option to delete one or more Team projects at one go.

Below are the feature of this VSTS extension:

  • Count of Active Team projects for logged in VSTS account
  • List of active Team Projects
  • Display Process Templates used for creating the respective Team Project
  • Option to delete one or multiple Team Projects by selecting the checkbox
  • Searching the team Projects by Title

How to use and Install VSTS  TeamProject Monitor Extension : 

1.Log into your VSTS Account 


2.The URL will be ".visualstdio.com" Ex: CanarysTPMonitor.visualstudio.com

3.Browse the below link.

  * VSTS-TeamProject-Monitor


4.It will directly take you to the Marketplace.

5.Click on "install".

6.Then Select your account  and Click "Continue".


7. Click "Confirm"  just like below snapshot.


7.The Extension will get Installed Successfully.

8.Then click "proceed to the account" button.


9.Click the gear icon again.


10.We can find the extension (i.e) "ProjectList"

11.Click on the "ProjectList"


12.It allows you to view the total number of team projects created for an account.

13.We can delete the team projects easily using this Extension.

Feedback/Suggestion and new feature request and ideas are welcome!

                                           ALL THE BESTyes


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