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In this blog I’m gonna show how to use VSTS Copy Dashboard  tool that replicates/copies the existing dashboard from one team to either single or multiple teams and reduces time & effort of recreating widgets and charts.

To access the tool, browse to the VSTS MarketPlace and search for the Dashboard Migrator. You should see as shown below to get started.


once you click on 'Get Started' button, you will get a login page as shown below:


Sign in with your VSTS Credentials i.e. Hotmail, outlook or  an Organizational account.

Once you logged in with valid credentials,you will be redirected a page where you can select VSTS Account and  tool mode as shown below:


Currently we have provided tool with five modes as listed below:

1.Multiple teams within same team project

2.Target multiple teams single team project within same VSTS account

3.Target multiple teams single team project but different VSTS account

4.Target multiple teams Different multiple team projects within same VSTS account

5.Target multiple teams Different multiple team project but different VSTS account

At present, only mode one is enabled for the users and rest four are kept as private modes.

Users interested to get any of the modes among private modes can send request to our team by selecting interested modes and clicking on "I'am interested" button as shown below:


After selecting Account and mode, user will be provided with a page where he has to select a source project ,source team and target teams and click on "Copy dashboard" button.


After Successful copy of dashboard to target teams, user will get success message along with link to VSTS account.

User should now able to see the dashboards that was copied as shown below:


 Feedback/Suggestion and new feature request and ideas are welcome!

                                           ALL THE BESTyes



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