Introduction to DevOpSmartBoard

Azure DevOps is very famous devops platform in the current market. Azure DevOps provides end to end project management, version control, build & release pipelines along with dashboards. But the limitations with built-in dashboards is that we can see the details at the project level, but not at the organization level. Many customer from a long time were looking for a solution to get insights at the DevOps Organization level. DevOpSmartBoard is the answer for all the dashboards needs.

DevOpSmartBoard is published in Marketplace.


DevOpSmartBoard -The Ultimate End-To-End and One Stop Dashboard solution for all the reporting needs in Azure DevOps at organization and project level. DevOpSmartBoard is currently in preview and has the following reports available:

  • DevOps Organization and project level metrics
  • Query work items with various combination of filters and export to excel
  • User Audit: count of User licenses and types, and display non-active users (not used Azure DevOps from last 30 days)
  • Traceability from Epic to granular level Tasks
  • User Capacity across Teams & Projects
  • Project Health
  • Reports on Azure Pipelines at organization levels



1. Organization Dashboard: Brief on the count of projects, repos, work items, pull-requests, CI CD pipeline count etc. to provide the measurement on usage of various features of Azure DevOps.



2. Project Dashboard: Important metrics of the Team Project like count of work items, repos, pipelines trend etc.



3. Query Work Item: This report provides work querying across projects with many options to filter the data



4. Subscribers: This report basically provides the user details of the DevOps organization, list of users and access to the projects in the organization and based on the activity for last 30 days.



5. Traceability: Provides traceability from Epic to Features and from PBI to Task, Test Cases and Bugs.



6. Multiple Team Capacity: Calculates the capacity of members across teams in a project including off-days. Also, this extended to calculate capacity across multiple team projects.



7. Project Health: Provides key indicators about the project progress, health like critical bugs trend, build & release failure trends etc.



8. Azure Pipeline Report: Insights into the deployment of apps at different environments



To provide feedback or to report issue click on Feedback button and fill in the details and submit.




If you are part of various Active Directories, and the DevOps Organization is not displayed in the drop-down, then you have to switch the directories, same as you do for Azure DevOps portal. To change the directory, click on the user icon on top right corner and hit the Switch Directory button.


And lastly to sign-out from the DevOpSmartBoard, hit the log-out button.

We will cover the details of each of the reports in next blogs.


DevOpSmartBoard Organization Dashboard Overview

DevOpSmartBoard -The Ultimate End-To-End and One Stop Dashboard solution for all the reporting needs...

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