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Introduction to DevOpSmartBoard for GitHub

GitHub has continued to expand its feature set in order to become your One-Stop-Shop for all of your DevOps requirements. Every organization wants visibility and tracking while implementing DevOps. As a result of our experience with several GitHub Enterprise implementations for our clients, we are frequently asked about the best ways or tools for tracking GitHub usage across the enterprise. With GitHub Tracker, you can see how GitHub is being implemented and used. Throughout your GitHub Enterprise, keep track of all your user licenses, use of GitHub features, third-party integrations, GitHub Actions [CI/CD] Implementation, and billing data.

Within the enterprise organization, quickly access crucial GitHub metrics. For Engineering Heads and Project Managers, a single intuitive dashboard provides a bird's eye view of all orgs, repos, issues, actions, and usage across the entire organization.

Data that you can track include the following -

Billing 💰

  • Consumption of licenses - Do you want to see how much GitHub is expanding within your company? Keep tabs on your company's license usage. Data about available and utilized licenses for your enterprise account.
  • Consumption of GitHub Actions - Your actions minutes will be increased by the amount of time you use the hosted runners provided by GitHub. With the aid of our tracker, you can keep track of these minutes and use different GitHub runners throughout your organization.

Indicators for Organizations and Repositories 💡

  • Utilization of the Software Stack - At the repository and organization level, keep track of the most popular programming languages used.

  • Repository Contributions - With Commits, Branches, PRs, and Repository Size, you can keep track of your most contributed repositories.

  • Features of the repository - All your repositories may be tracked to see how features like Branch Protection Rules are being used.


  • GitHub Actions - You may keep track of which repositories have the most successful or unsuccessful workflow executions. Using the tracker, you may navigate directly to the workflow or repository run.

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