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Automate your workflow through GitHub Action

GitHub Action:

GitHub Actions is a continues integration and continues delivery platform that allows you to automate your build, test, deployment pipeline. GitHub actions let you run workflows when other events happen in your repository. GitHub provides Linux, Windows, and macOS virtual machines to run your workflows, or you can host your own self-hosted runners in your own datacenter.

The GitHub Actions consist of several components including:

  • GitHub Events
  • Runner
  • Workflow

GitHub Events:

An event is a specific activity in a repository that triggers a workflow run on GitHub.


A runner is a server that runs your workflows when they're triggered. Each runner can run a single job at a time. There are 2 types of Runners Available

  • GitHub Hosted Runner
  • Self-Hosted Runner


A Workflow is an Automated process that is made of one job or multiple jobs, and it can be trigger by an event. Workflows are defined using a YAML file in the. github/workflows directory.

Get Started with GitHub Actions:

1. Navigate to Actions from your repository's home page.


2. Then pick a template you would like to use and click on configure.


3. You may now commit the Action to your repository by pressing the start Commit button.


Adding an Actions template to your workflow:

Action template can be found on GitHub marketplace. There are 10000 + Actions are available in marketplace.


4. On the main page of your repository, click Actions.




5. After you click build, you'll see all the specifics for your workflow file.




6. Your result file is now visible.


Conclusion :

I Hope that this Blog helped you to  understand GitHub Actions and how can you use them to automate GitHub Workflow . Also its gives you a short idea about events , runner & workflow and how can you use them .


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