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DevOpSmartBoard - Multiple Team Capacity

DevOpsSmartBoard – Multiple Team Capacity

The capacity tool in azure DevOps sprint capacity helps you make sure your team isn't over or under committed for the sprint. Sprint capacity time is calculated either in hours or days. Capacity takes into consideration the variation in work hours by team members. It also considers holidays, vacation days, and non-working days. Because days off and time available for each team member may vary from sprint to sprint, set capacity for each sprint.

A team's daily capacity for a given sprint cycle is either over or underutilized when a team member is a member of multiple teams. You cannot view team capacity, capacity of user per day, each team member days off for numerous teams in a consolidated manner in an Azure DevOps.

In this blog we will discuss about Multiple Team Capacity. This feature provides information of Team’s total and current Capacity, Capacity of individual team member per day, team member days off in a single pane shown in fig (a).

                                                                                                Fig (a)

Team capacity provides information of total capacity, current capacity, total working days, current working days, sprint start date and end date for required sprint cycle of project team in an organization. It considers a each team members days off while calculating the current capacity. Below Fig (b) shows the detailed view of team capacity for different teams.

                                                                                                        Fig (b)

In a capacity window you can view team members list with capacity of user per day is over or under committed in particular sprint cycle when team member is part of many teams. Which is shown in below fig (c) and fig (d).

                                                                                                         Fig (c)

If team member is part of many teams in a capacity of user per day you can view a detailed hours or days assigned to single user for multiple teams highlighted in a below fig (d), which shows overcommitted capacity. It helps to manage over or under committed capacity planning for team member capacity per day.

                                                                                                           Fig (d)

In a days off window you can view detailed team level days off for each user, if user is part of many teams you can view days off for such user updated for multiple teams which is highlighted in a below fig (e).

                                                                                                          Fig (e)

Overall, the ability to monitor team capacity, user capacity per day across multiple teams, and days off each user for all teams in a single pane makes it easier to capacity planning and carry out sprints effectively.

Other reports and charts are explained in another blog, you can search other DevOpSmartBoard related blogs by searching the tag  DevOpSmartBoard. For more details contact us at



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