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Asynchronous actions in MVC 5

What does it mean?Asynchronous actions allow developers to handle more concurrent requests and can be implemented using async / await keywords.Asynchronous actions are useful in scenarios where we are performing some network operation such as calling a remote service, webapi etc.What are the Benefits?1) It can make application to handle more users. 2) It can process multiple I/O bound methods in parallel3) It can make UI interface more responsive to the user4) It can perform compl...
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Part 2 of KnockOut.js in Asp.Net

Computed Observables:                                            Functions which are dependent on one or more observables and will automatically update whenever any of the dependencies altered.Eg: If we want to display full name based on first name and last name thenStep 1: Declare vi...
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Introduction to KnockOut.Js in Asp.Net

What is KnockOut.Js?Knockout.Js (simply KO) is a powerful JavaScript library which allows developers to bind DOM elements with any data model like array, Json etc.It built up on two way data binding between UI and data model i.e. if any changes made to data model are affected to UI as well as any changes made to UI are affected to data model.It’s not alternative to JQuery or any other libraries.It provides easy and understandable way to manage any type of complex data driven models as inst...
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Introduction to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) and EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing) in Asp.Net

S3 is an Internet storage engine which has to be designed to make job easier for developers.Developers can upload, manage and control access to data that is stored on Amazon’s Servers through simple API’s which are provided by Amazon and Other third party Components. It's a highly flexible, scalable, reliable, fast, and inexpensive storage infrastructureIt lets users to store unlimited number of objects up to 5GB free for single account.On the Other side Users has to pay mon...
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Brief Journey to Asp.Net MVC Framework

Introduction: ASP.NET MVC is a  framework for building web applications that uses the model-view-controllerpattern. Like ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC is also built on top of the ASP.NET Framework. This means we can usesame APIs like security, state management, membership, caching,ajax etc in MVC Applications. Every ASP.NET MVC application has three parts: a model, views, and controllers. Model:It consists of all the classes that handle data and business logic. Con...
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New Features in Sql Server 2008

Introduction:Many new developer features were introduced in SQL Server 2008 database. This tutorial discusses the new top 10 developer features introduced in SQL server 2008.1. Change's in the DATE and TIME DataTypesIn SQL Server 2005, there were DATETIME or SMALLDATETIME data types to store datetime values but there was no specific datatype to store date or time value only. In addition, search functionality doesn't work on DATETIME or SMALLDATETIME fields if you only specify a data valu...
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How to build a client side Repeater Using jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX

jTemplate is a template engine plug-in for jQuery and is commonly used to display tabular data by binding objects to the template. Before using jTemplate, we must know how to use the jTemplate syntax. The following tags are supported in jTemplate and you can see an example here·         if..elseif..else../if·         foreach..else../for·      &nbs...
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How to use JQuery with Visual Studio .Net

What does JQuery mean?It is simply a light weight javascript library through which we can perform actions like "DOM Elements" selection, Event handling, Animation effects, Ajax calls etc with minimal code. In short we can say " write less,do more" with JQuery.Why should we use JQuery? Makes it easy to use javascript with minimal lines of code in websites. Multiple browser Compatability i.e It works in almost 25+ browsers (IE,FireFox,Chrome,Safari,Netscape) unlike Javascript w...
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