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Xamarin Forms- Dependency Service (Text To Speech)

Here I am going to explain you how we can use Text to Speech feature in Xamarin Forms without using any plugin. It is Xamarin Forms so it will work with both platform (iOS & Android).
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Swift Closures

In this blog post we will learn what is a closure, it's syntax and types of closures in Swift with examples.We can assign closures to a variable, pass them as an argument to functions and return them from functions.
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Swift Mapping and Flat Mapping

In this blog post, I will introduce some of useful tips and techniques of using swift mapping and flat mapping, you might already experienced the basic usage of swift map and flat map but in this blog we can see some additional benefits and areas where we can use the map and flat map to gain full advantage of swift higher order function efficiently.
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Access Control in Swift 3

End of this blog you will be able to understand the Access control specifiers open, public,internal,file-private and private in swift 3.
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Creating Apps Using Phonegap Framework in IOS

Creating apps for different operating system is not a reliability so for reducing developr work for all devices, the phonegap framework comes into picture with a highly responsive for all devices, write program in Javascript/Jquery  and give a build in any platform. So here i am going to demonstrate the "HOW TO GENERATE IOS BUILD USING PHONEGAP IN XCODE". Download latest zip file from the below link save into your desktop(or anywhere).before cre...
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Memory Management in iOS

Memory Management iOS In this blog we will walk through very important thing which all iOS developer should  always need to take care while developing  apps for same.We will  see  few topics related to this thing which is below :- What is the term memory management? What may happen if we don't do memory management in iOS apps? Why do we need to do memory management? How to do memory management,i.e what all posibilities are there through which we can take care of memory i...
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How to Save Photos to Custom Album in iPhone/iPad Photo Library

Here is a way through which you can create your custom Album and can save captured images within that.You can implement this feature using ALAssetsLibrary Class. First of all please add AssetsLibrary.framework into your project then create two class file which is below :- ALAssetsLibrary+CustomPhotoAlbum.h  and  ALAssetsLibrary+CustomPhotoAlbum.m ALAssetsLibrary+CustomPhotoAlbum.h AlAssets #import #import   typedef void(^SaveImageCompletion)(...
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Implementing iOS Setting Bundle

 iOS Setting Bundle:-Actually sometimes we need to interact our app i.e giving some input value or changing some default value or use default value unless we are not changing that value  in  that case we need to create one app setting which will be outside the app but once we click on Setting in device we can navigate to Setting panel  where we can get out app and we modify something there.Once we will come back to our app after Setting screen , can see the change .So here th...
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Wireless Ad-Hoc distribution for iOS apps

Creating Ad-Hoc is an important part of iOS app development because it helps us in testing the app during development phase.Here is distribution process through dropbox in which just need to click on a link of html and you are done with installation.In this process need to share that same link(public link of html) for app installation.Here are  all steps which need to perform for setting the distribution environmnet ready:-Create your dropbox account (,once you are d...
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iOS qrcode generator

Have you heard of QR Codes yet? Here is a quick introduction:- QR is short for Quick Response . It is used to take a piece of information from a transitory media and put it in to your cell phone.It is  more useful because it can store much more data, including url links, geo coordinates, and text.There are number of way to genarate QR Code in iOS.Here is one of them:- Process of libqrencode integration-You can get libqrencode library from this link:-
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