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Page Object Model

Automation Testing with Selenium using Page Object ModelPage Object Model (POM)Writing selenium scripts is not tough job. We have to find the elements and perform the operation on the webpage.Consider the below example of simple selenium script which will navigate to gmail website and identifies the email id field and enters the email id and taps on Next button. Then, Identifies the password field and enters password and clicks on Signin button.In the above code maintaining is very easy as ...
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Data driven testing in selenium webdriver using excel

Data-driven testing (DDT) is taking a test, parameterizing it and then running that test with varying data. This allows you to run the same test case with many varying inputs, therefore increasing coverage from a single test. In addition to increasing test coverage, data driven testing allows the ability to build both positive and negative test cases into a single test. Data-driven testing allows you to test the form with a different set of input values to be sure that the application works as e...
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Introduction to Load Testing

 Well, before learning what is Load testing. Let us discuss briefly the performance testing. What is Performance Testing? Performance Testing of an application is basically the process of understanding how the application and its operating environment respond at various user load levels. The Response Time, Throughput and Utilization of the Processor would be measured while simulating attempts by virtual users to simultaneously access the application. One of the objectives of Performanc...
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Why automation testing is required and its advantages over manual testing process

What is Automation Testing?Making the manual testing process as an automatic is called Automating Testing, which includes the development and execution of test scripts to verify customer requirements using any automation tool.Automation testing is not a replacement to manual testing. The idea of test automation is to automate some parts of the software test process, but not all of the testing process.Benefits of Automation Testing·         Automatin...
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