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Dynamics Team commences work on NAV Version Migration for a prestigious client in Malaysia

Canarys Dynamics Team is all excited and geared up to commence work on NAV Version Migration project for a prestigious group in Malaysia. The migration of artifacts from Navision 3.10 to NAV 2013 R2 brings its own set of challenges and it requires a deep domain insight to address DB Schema Changes, Schema dependencies, user privileges, age of objects and complexity of customization. The migration ecosystem - COM (Canarys Object Migration) and CDM (Canarys Data Migration) models - are evolvi...
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Manage My SMS

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Techno Feast 2014

Building enterprise apps with smart tools and solutions using NAV, TFS and Mobility platforms Attend the Technology feast and avail consulting services worth $1000 Free Join us @ TECHNO FEAST to understand how enterprises get benefited by partnering with Canarys for using NAV, Mobility and TFS services and solutions. Learn how you can build sustainable, adaptive and cos...
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Join Techno Feast 2014

You can choose any of the location near to you out of these 7 major cities                                                          More Details about Techno Fest h2{ margin-bottom:10px;}#wrapper{ margin: -40px auto 0; }#wrapper h1{ color:#FFF; text-align:center; margin-bottom:10px;}#wrapper a{ display:block; padding-top:20px; color:#FFF...
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Canarys is a finalist for 2014 Microsoft ALM partner of the year award from INDIA

Bangalore, Karnataka, India — May 29, 2014 — Canarys, today announced it has been named a finalist in the 2014 Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management Award. The company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft Corp. partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.Mr. Raghu Chandrashekhariah (Director Business Development) says: It is a proud moment for us to be awarded the finalist ...
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SSRS(Sql Server Reporting Services) Reports

What is SSRS reports?SSRS stands for SQL Server Reporting services a server based report generation software system from Microsoft.SSRS is reporting platform whereby reports are stored in single centralized web server. Reports deployment is so simpler. SSRS  reports are  generated  by using BIDS(Business intelligence development server) included with SQL Server 2008. The SQL Server 2008 version of BIDS has some nice enhancements to the user interface for designing, developing...
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Webinar - Streamline Software Development Using Microsoft ALM

Streamline Software Development Using Microsoft ALMThe webinar covers the advantages of using the Microsoft ALM solution based of Team Foundation Server including Improving Project Visibility Improving Developer Productivity Improving Quality Cost Reduction by elimination of redundant toolsAn actual case study will was be covered during this session.Please watch the LIVE RECORDING Video of the webinar session below which took place on 3rd June 2014.Sanjeev Kumar   Director Technol...
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Webinar -The curious case of native versus the cross platform development of mobile apps

The curious case of native versus the cross platform development of mobile appsBusiness is often caught in a predicament to choose technology that best suits the objective of delivery and maintenance of mobile apps.  Advent of various cross platform mobile development technology offers Business and Developers to leverage existing skills and manage their development activities efficiently. However Is it all rosy? Does the cross platform technology offer a one stop shop to develop, deploy and...
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Webinar - The process of version migration from older versions of Navision to NAV 2013 R2

The process of version migration from older versions of Navision to NAV 2013 R2 Effectively planning for a version upgrade Pre-requisites for a version upgrade project Best practices for version upgrade Use of toolsAn actual case study will also be covered during the session Please watch the LIVE RECORDING Video of the webinar session below which took place on 5th June 2014. Subhash Sharma   Senior Technical Consultant Date : 5th June 2014Day  : ThursdayTi...
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T.F.S Webinars Registration

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