Continuous Integration and Deployment Workflow Automation

CI CD and Workflow Automation

Continuous Integration and Deployment Workflow Automation


Phase 1: Assessment and Discovery

  • Provides information on the scope of the engagement
  • You can Assess the current Pipeline tools and Infra, to learn about the requirements from customer and this certainly is a great help.
  • We provide help in understanding the DevOps environment like source control, technology, deployment type, No. Of Apps etc.

Phase 2: Implementation or Migration of Pipelines

  • Assistance in the design & development of workflows for code build and deployment
  • Provide Assistance to the teams in creating DevOps pipelines using in-built GitHub actions and packages or integrating with Azure pipelines
  • We help with Migration of pipelines to GitHub Actions (recreation) from other CI/CD products like TFS, Azure DevOps, Jenkins etc.
  • Training the customer teams to on usage of Pipelines and maintenance
  • Based on the number of projects, migration activity and other factors the duration may vary

The implementation would start after 1-2 weeks of Assessment and Discovery.

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