Value Proposition

Value Proposition


To paraphrase the same, Canarys' rather young life of spanning over two decades is its message.

  • Optimized Delivery capability

    >  Responsiveness and Customer service
    >  Guaranteed SLAs, Satisfaction Survey
    >  Superior Return on Investment

  • Trusted, Enduring relationship

    >  Proven Data Security and IP Protection
    >  Stood by the customers through thick and thin
    >  Engagements are on-going for years

  • Competitive and Flexible Business model

    >  Advantages of India
    >  T&M, Fixed, Utility Models

  • Managed Services

    >  Diverse set of Managed IT infrastructure
    >  Security, Disaster Recovery, IT helpdesk)
    >  Software Tools (UML, Middleware, Web testing, OS, Database)

  • De-risk (Recruitment & Holding)

    >  Recruitment & Training for short projects
    >  Scale Up/Down + Managed rotation of resource, long projects

  • Provisioning of best-of -breed technology & Processes

    >  Technology Change Management
    >  Ability to enable future business strategies

  • Knowledge Management Practices

    >  Second source for expertise for Customer in his domain
    >  High performance as a virtual team

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