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With diverse experience gathered over last two decades by offering DevOps services to several Fortune 500 companies across India, USA, and APAC countries, Canarys has built state-of-the-art DevOps solutions and processes to help customer for seamlessly adoption of Azure DevOps, the popular Microsoft DevOps platform. Right from migrations, integration and analytics Canarys has solutions covering every aspect of transforming and consolidation the DevOps platform.

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Ultimate end-to-end and one stop Dashboard for Azure DevOps. DevOpSmartBoard generates key metrics at the Azure DevOps organization and Project level.

DevOps Consulting Services

Azure DevOps (VSTS) Copy Project

Whether you want to migrate an individual Project from one Organizations in Azure DevOps Services (ADO) to another, or from Team Foundation Server (TFS) to ADO or vice-versa the solution is Azure DevOps (VSTS) Copy Project

DevOps Consulting Services

Bugzilla to Azure DevOps Migrator

Bugzilla Migrator solution helps you move the data from Bugzilla to Microsoft DevOps Platform that is Azure DevOps Services (ADO) or Server (TFS).

Redmine to Azure DevOps Migrator

With more than a decade of experience on migration of data between different ALM/DevOps tools and expertise in building migration and integration tools we provide end-to-end solution to migrate data from Redmine to Azure DevOps

DevOps Consulting Services

TFS to Azure DevOps Migration

Canarys is a Microsoft certified TFS to Azure DevOps Migration partner. We provide end-to-end solution for TFS to Azure DevOps migration covering assessment, planning, pre-requisite setup, intermediate supported TFS version upgrade, license details, and post migration support etc.

For quick and successful TFS to Azure DevOps migration, supported by highly skilled DevOps experts

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