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DevOps is like an extension of Agile movement. It is a combination of software development and operations. DevOps helps an organization deploy software more frequently. In the modern world of software delivery, developers are required to ship code often.

Customers’ needs are fulfilled with rapid release cycles. While, Dev and Ops often meet each other with some significant amount of tension, DevOps movement is focused to alleviate the tension between these teams by automating as many tasks as possible with the software delivery.

Canarys is a Microsoft Gold DevOps Partner to get everything you need in a single solution including agile planning, source code control, package management, build, testing and release automation to continuously integrate, test, deliver and monitor your application. A complete DevOps toolchain to help you deploy your application faster with confidence.

Why DevOps?

Imagine a new build being generated for every new feature, fix or code update. Imagine automated deployment of this new build without any manual intervention (except for authorization). Imagine the ability to track all code changes within a build, and to which requirement this code belongs to. Imagine having End-to-End Traceability, along with automated build and deployment. All of this is a possibility with DevOps tools.

How we transform your team into practicing DevOps?

  • We cannot just buy DevOps tools and make them work for us with just an installation.
  • Our experts would assess your existing setup and requirements, and suggest suitable tools as per your preference which are required to setup your DevOps Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery CICD pipeline.
  • We would help you migrate your code to TFS or Azure DevOps if required. Or, you could continue using your existing Version Control as well.
  • Being a Microsoft DevOps Finalist of the year 2017, and years of expertise in this area our experts would setup DevOps pipelines for your Web or Mobile Application, on any platform and any technology, let it be Windows or Linux/ Unix or MAC using .Net, Java, HTML, Node.js or Xamarin.
  • Do note that DevOps pipeline should be set for each project.
  • DevOps implementation with Microsoft tools and Open Source.
  • DevOps Best Practice Consulting, Implementation and coaching/training.
  • Implementation of CI CD pipelines using Azure DevOps & Azure and Open Source tools like Jenkins.
  • Containerization of the Apps using Docker, Kubernetes and Azure Container Service.
  • Help kick start the DevOps journey - using  Azure DevOps, (formerly Visual Studio VSTS)Azure.
  • Enabling OSS DevOps (Open Source for technologies like PHP, Java, NodeJS, Python) using Azure DevOps, Visual Studio Code, GitHub, SonarQube, Selenium, Jenkins, Maven, Tomcat, Docker, Azure App Services.
  • Configure deployment of your Web Apps, Web Jobs, Web API’s, Azure Functions, Logic Apps etc. to Azure PaaS and or Azure IaaS.

How long does it take for entire setup?

Duration may vary from project to project, depending on project code size, additional time required for any migrations, project complexity and dependencies, etc.


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