Installation and Configuration of GitHub Enterprise

Installation and configuration

Installing and configuring GitHub Enterprise Server. Helps administrators, operations and security specialists etc to set up, customize, monitor, and upgrade.

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Installation and Configuration of GitHub Enterprise


Migrating to the GitHub DevOps platform can improve the developer productivity and simultaneously increase code quality and ready to market frequency.

Canarys will work with your team to assess the current DevOps Infra, and even learn about the requirements and then design, plan and document key considerations accordingly. as you see, this is a perfect step by step procedure that eventually gives you the maximum value for your money.

Phase 1: Assessment and Discovery

  • Discussion on the scope of the engagement
  • We Assess the current DevOps Infra and learn about the requirements
  • Help to recognize hardware and software requirements along with GitHub Enterprise Server/ Cloud options
  • Helps you to finalize technology selection and recommendation of such other tools like Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines, Cloud platform etc. along with the GitHub
  • Provide high level planning and estimates

Phase 2: Installation and Configuration

  • Assist organizations in the installation and configuration of GitHub Enterprise Server/ Cloud
  • Training and handholding the team on GitHub best practices, resolve issues that may arise during the implementation and integration process.
  • You can be a part of your team in pilot test for 3-7 weeks to develop pilot projects showcasing best practices.
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