Work shop on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) using Azure DevOps


Delivering applications swiftly is one of the major challenges faced in a fast-paced business environment. This workshop covers how AKS and Azure DevOps is a part of the solution to this challenge from end to end. The primary focus of this workshop is to help you explore how Microsoft Azure platform can help you meet critical business objectives by using Containers, Kubernetes and Azure DevOps concepts. This workshop provides insight as to how easily we build and deploy powerful capabilities on Azure making use of AKS and Azure DevOps. In specific, this workshop covers the need to run the applications within containers, manage these containers using AKS by making use of Azure DevOps Services. By the end of this workshop, you will be ready to run your applications within containers and also manage these containers by using AKS making use of Azure DevOps.


09:00 Registration
09:30 Introduction to Containers & Orchestrators
11:15 Tea Break
11:30 Deploying and managing applications on Azure Kubernetes Service using Azure DevOps
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Hands-On-Labs
  Setting up the environment
  • Deploy Kubernetes to Azure, using CLI
  • Deploy Azure Container Registry (ACR)
  • Grant AKS-generated Service Principal access to AC
  • Create Azure SQL server and Database
  • Tunnel into the Azure Kubernetes Service cluster
15:30 Tea Break
15:45 Hands-On-Labs (Continuation)
  Configure Build and Release pipeline
  • Configure the build pipeline for the demo application in Azure DevOps
  • Create a Release Pipeline with different stages
  • Creating & Configuring Deployments & Services in AKS
  • Trigger a Build and deploy application on AKS
  • Test the application in a browser
  • Access the Kubernetes web dashboard in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
17:00 Discussions + Questions
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