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Some business problems cannot wait for custom software built to specifications. When high-quality, feature-rich solutions are readily available, there is no reason to look any further. The products offered by Canarys solve business problems in a user-friendly and structured manner, with immense cost savings and quick turnaround times. With expert inexpensive support, owning a product was never easier.

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Bugzilla undoubtedly is a great defect tracking tool. But when we talk about Application Lifecycle Management offered by the TFS with end-to-end traceability, the defect management in an external tool, may prove to be the major chink in your armor.

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e-Conformance automates the otherwise laborious clerical effort of tracking the non-conformances and providing management with reports during process audits. It hastens workflow in an organization and helps archive data and retrieval of the same.

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Managing water resources is one of the greatest challenges of this century. Telemetry is the path chosen by Canarys to meet this challenge head on. Telemetry is critical for obtaining high quality data for water resources management.

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There are mobile applications and then there are Applications done by Canarys. Smart phones and tablets have necessitated a need for applications that are not only unique but also worth spending one's time and money on.

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Canarys team has built a few vertical solutions on Microsoft Dynamics platform. These products are built using Microsoft Dynamics development tools and are completely integrated with them.

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