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Voice Logger


NICE Voice Logger:


NICE Recording is the most powerful call logging software that is available today. It is designed to meet the mission-critical needs of the public safety emergency communications environment.

It reliably logs and synchronizes 911 calls and that includes digital, analog and VoIP calls, conventional and p25 radio transmissions, text-to-911 interactions, videos, images, console screens, locations from Geographic Systems (GIS), and integrated feeds from other sources such as CCTV Video.

Nice call recording call logging system scales and adapts from single PSAP centers to complex environments with multiple sites, networks or multi-media calls.

We have a very well qualified and experienced team for maintaining the NICE voice logger and trouble shooting.


Verint Voice Logger:


This is a proven, full-time compliance recording solution that can be deployed on-premises or in hybrid cloud environments. It is designed for today’s Omni channel contact centers. It can capture, index, retrieve, store and archive up to 100 percent of voice, video and text interactions across multiple channels (PBX, VoIP, Chat digital collaboration, email, mobile voice/ SMS, trading turrets and face to face) all this via a single recording system. It can also capture employee screen data and keystrokes passively, either concurrently during the interaction or standalone during back-office user activities. This is a proven solution can help your organization to comply with the industry regulations and standards, such as the Payment card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), HIPAA, and HITECH, expedite dispute resolution, and mitigate risk and liability.


Genesys Speech Minor:


Speech Minor is an application to play back and for screen recording, that are stored in the GIR system in the cloud. We have an experienced and a well-trained team of professionals, who are well trained in this area as well.


Nuance Call Minor:


The Call minor is a leading platform provider of award winning speech and customer engagement analytics is in a partnership with Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: NUAN), to incorporate CallMiner Eureka, the leading analytics platform. The partnership will deliver improved contact center and agent performance, and optimize the customer experience for enterprises.


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