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At our experienced and highly qualified developers and QA Engineers follow stringent quality standards with benchmark practices. This ensures that our customers get maximum value for their IT spending.

Our developers have extensive domain knowledge in various industries, which help provide our customers the best solution, while always maintaining a thorough understanding of clients overall business needs.

Our key technology platforms are

  • Network Storage
  • Java Technologies
  • DBA
  • Databases (Oracle, Sql Server, Sybase etc...)
  • Web Technologies
  • Server / Network Administrators
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Data Warehousing
  • Quality Assurance

Why did a health-care company decide to embrace innovation?


A Healthcare company is a recently originated but rapidly rising medical technology firm devoted to developing the Photoacoustic Remote Sensing (PARS) imaging system for a diversity of preclinical and medical apps. While endeavouring to source an influential, GPU-powered server for its study plans, the company comprehended that the volume of onsite hardware would be suitable for rapidly ascending needs. Instead, the health care company implemented Microsoft Azure.


Finding the right cloud


Microsoft Azure stood out amongst the company’s cloud provider choices—in specific, it's Azure AI offerings. "Microsoft has become the business standard for image storage in hospitals and research organizations," the company claims. “Add to that the scenarios of Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services, and you’ve got a game-changing proposal.

Azure also proposes another exclusive assistance: The Research Centre of Excellence on Cloud (RCEC), which helps organizations impeccably migrate their study workloads to the cloud, scale their study, work together with partner organizations in a very protected way, and shorten their study computation. Researchers require agility and resistance, whereas IT provides enterprise protection and compliance.

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