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API Testing Introduction

API testing is a type of software testing process to verify Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). API testing aims to evaluate the programming interfaces’ usability, dependability, performance, and protection.

Instead of using the keyboard and other typical user inputs and outputs, API testing involves using software to make calls to the API, receive output, and record the system’s response. API tests are unique from GUI tests in that they don’t focus on the application’s looks and operation. It focuses primarily on the software.

At Canarys, we pledge to enhance your application and web functionality by optimising tech-driven strategies and intelligent, scalable and secured API solutions.

API Testing Introduction
API Testing Introduction

Canarys Approach for API Testing

We start API testing with a precise understanding of the program’s scope and the intended functionality of the API. The following are some issues that Canarys take into account:

  • What endpoints are available for testing?
  • What kind of response are codes anticipated for fulfilled requests?
  • What kind of response are codes anticipated for declined requests?
  • Which error message ought to show up in the body of a declined request?

Following the benchmark of the standard testing life cycle, we start applying diverse testing methodologies once these factors are understood. Testers can run the test cases after they have been defined and compare the outcomes to what was anticipated.

The test should assess the following types of responses

Unit Testing

Testing the functionality of individual operations

Integration Testing

Testing the interaction between multiple software modules

Reliability Testing

Ensuring that REST APIs produce consistent results and connections

Functional Testing

Ensuring that REST APIs behave as they should

Security Testing

Validating REST API encryption methods and access control

Load Testing

Measuring how many calls REST APIs can handle

Fuzz Testing

Forcibly inputs vast amounts of random data.

Common Ways To Test APIs

Common Ways To Test APIs

What Values Canarys Can Add?

At Canarys, we provide a comprehensive selection of exceptional API Testing services to guarantee an extremely reliable software application for your company. With the help of our industry-standard API testing, our highly trained and experienced professional testers ensure that your application meets the requirements and specifications of your target market.

In-depth Expertise
In-depth Expertise

Our in-house testing team are knowledgeable and skilled. They are well-versed in industry practices and incorporate the latest methodologies in API testing.

Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology

To provide you with a remarkably effective API testing service, we make use of the best testing equipment and cutting-edge futuristic technologies.

Save Time & Efforts
Save Time & Efforts

With our incredibly organised approach and method practices of API testing, you can save time and effort while ensuring your project is heading on the right track.

Get the Best Value
Get the Best Value

You can maximise the return on your investment with Canarys.

Looking to employ a credible API testing company to meet your requirements? Let’s get down to business now!

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