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  • Application Development

    We are specialized in both emerging and existing technologies
    to power your application. Our expertise includes most of all client,
    server and web technologies from Microsoft as well Open source
    tools to speed up the development process.

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Of late, do you think coming across a one-size-fits-all software is becoming almost a rule rather than the exception? Well, we at Canarys disagree. We are an exception and we think you should be too. Developing software applications that are flexible with practically any feature you may desire is our forte, the only limiting factor being your appetite for innovation. Planning, design and practicality are the hallmarks of a successful custom application development that lead to solving of complex problems, foreseeing and mitigating risks to help you achieve great returns on your investments.

Our Strategy


We follow a systematic and step-by-step methodology for all our application development. Our software design and application development follows the proven Canarys methodologies and processes. Our focus is on business solutions that fulfill business goals, instead of merely providing technical solutions. The fundamental basis of all our applications is this philosophy. We have defined processes for requirement capture, analysis, design, development, testing and deployment. We generate UML diagrams representing the Use Case Model, Analysis Model, Design Model, Implementation Model and Test Model.

Application Development Process

Application Development Methodology

  • Discussion & analysis on requirements
  • Technology and software evaluation
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for development and operations
  • Design initial layout/features/capabilities, prototype, relevant contents
  • Design iteration - complete several rounds of revisions, reviews and refinements
  • Define final design, layout and features
  • Develop and implement the application, including the graphics, back-end software, content, integration with 3rd party and external software
  • User testing, functionality testing, performance testing and acceptance testing
  • Client sign-off
  • Final launch and deployment


Our Technologies

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