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Artificial Intelligence

Get ready to accumulate better business insights with concrete platform management, data foundation, and modernization. The experts in Canarys transform your business model, making it organized for AI, thanks to their global expertise and knowledge of the latest technology.

We assemble highly credible, scalable, and configurable solutions with your present data infrastructure to initiate your data modernization journey and assist you in ramping up data processing with auto workflows.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in a nutshell

AI, the most phenomenal automation technology ever developed, helps digitalization enter a new stage of evolution.

Artificial Intelligence is an intelligent system that brings new technological solutions to simplify modern business complexity in business processes and technical AI services. This innovation replicates human intelligence operations through the use of computers and machines with specialized functions like voice recognition, machine vision, computational linguistics, and expert systems.

Artificial intelligence systems typically analyze large amounts of labelled training data, make predictions about the future based on these patterns, and then ingest more training data. In such a way, An image recognition tool, for example, can learn to recognize and define objects in images by scanning millions of image samples, or an artificial chatbot can produce lifelike interactions with people.

In AI programming, there are three intellectual functions: learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

Intelligence that morphs your business workflows

Let the accessible and plugged-in AI system transform your run-in-the-mill business structure by offering you the perks of Lead-to-cash, Design-to-operate, Source-to-pay, and Recruit-to-retire.



Turn prospects into lifelong customers with SAP AI.

  • Transform your lead-to-cash mechanism with SAP AI to interact with your customers at a crucial moment.
  • Provide your team with the strategies and mechanisms they need to boost lead scoring, fortify sales pipelines, speed up the collection of accounts receivable through intelligent payment and invoice matching, and fine-tune the overall customer experience through performance-driven recommendations.

Design to Operate

Turn concepts into market-leading reality.

  • By using SAP AI transform your design-to-operate process to streamline manufacturing and strengthen product lifecycle management (PLM). With SAP AI, you can improve all activities related to identifying, acquiring, designing, prototyping, and decommissioning products or services.
  • Equip your team with the ability to predict demand reliably with AI-powered demand sensing, improve quality management with intelligent anomaly detection and visual inspections, and streamline operations and maximize efficiency with predictive maintenance.
Design to Operate
Source to Pay

Source to Pay

Use sourcing to gain a competitive edge.

  • Improve visibility and transparency across the entire supply chain by reshaping your source-to-pay process with SAP AI. It helps plan and manage expenditure, contract, procurement, and suppliers’ payment, and collaborate better in all areas of managing sourcing and procurement.
  • Equip your team with the ability to simplify sourcing, discover quality suppliers with intelligent filtering, optimize purchasing with automated assistance, and even handle invoices easily through automatic processing.

Recruit to Retire

Turn potential into performance.

  • Transform your recruit-to-retire process with SAP AI to closely connect the employee experience to your organization’s business objectives and improve all recruiting, career development, travel expenses, retention, and offboarding activities.
  • Equip your team with the ability to find highly qualified talent in less time with intelligent resume screening, help your talent reach their full potential with personalized development paths, and simplify workflows with intelligent workforce management.
Recruit to Retire


Our AI solutions include comprehensive, intuitive machine learning tools with automated feature engineering capabilities, resulting in better recommendations for faster, smarter decision-making. AI and machine learning are used to calculate optimal production settings based on current business needs.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Transformation intelligence

With AI-powered insights, recommendations, and automation built into your SAP applications, you can instantly optimize every aspect of your business.

Adaptable innovation

Easily scale and extend the capabilities of your applications by deploying custom or pre-trained AI models tailored for your business.

  • Trusted
  • Run AI based on leading ethics and data privacy standards while maintaining full governance and lifecycle management across your organization.

  • AI brings a competitive advantage
  • With many industries being stuck in the legacy stage, even the smallest AI efforts on your part will be rewarded with decreased risks and expenses and increased effectiveness and conversions. Just one automated daily task will start a chain reaction of successful innovation.

Artificial Technologies


With the support of artificial intelligence (AI), machines can replicate human behaviour, learn from their mistakes, and adjust to new inputs. Most of the AI examples you notice about AI nowadays—from chess machines to auto cars—heavily rely on deep learning and natural language processing.

These technologies enable the training of computers to perform specific tasks by processing large datasets and identifying patterns in the data.

Artificial Intelligence Technology
Computer vision
Computer Vision

Uses deep learning and pattern recognition to identify what’s in a picture or video. Machines that can function, analyze, and comprehend images can capture real-time images and videos and recognize their surroundings.

Natural language processing (NLP)
Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is the capacity of computers to assess, understand, and produce human language, including speech. Natural language interaction, the next stage of NLP, enables people to interact with computers to carry out tasks by using everyday language.

Graphical processing units
Graphical Processing Units

Graphical processing units are essential for AI since they provide the heavy computing power needed for interactive processing. Training neural networks necessitate both big data and computing power.

The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things generates large volumes of data from connected devices, most of which are unanalyzed. We can use AI more effectively by automating model-building mechanisms.

Advanced algorithms
Advanced Algorithms

Advanced algorithms are being generated and integrated into different ways to analyze more data at a pace and at multiple levels. This intelligent processing is essential for identifying and forecasting rare recurrence, acknowledging complex systems, and optimizing anomalous scenarios.

APIs, or application programming interfaces
APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces

APIs, are collections of codes that simplify the process of adding AI functionality to already-existing software and product packages. They can add image recognition features to home security systems and Q&A features that can define data, generate headlines and captions, or draw attention to patterns and insights in data.

In a nutshell, AI aims to develop software that can assess the input and explain output. This advanced technology will enable human-like interactions with software and provides guidance for a specific task. However, it cannot be a replacement for human functions– and won’t be anytime soon.

How does Canarys make a difference?

Canarys is the leading company providing flawless artificial intelligence services and solutions for businesses to manage their operations more effectively. We have an excellent performance team to develop project management solutions for different industry segments using AI.

We combine, modify, and employ our AI technology with products and solutions to transform the user experience, boost process efficiency, create new business models, and promote sustainability. AI can simplify the critical knowledge required to address problems in various industries.

Automated Robotic Processing

With AI technology, we can take automated robotic processes to a whole new level to ensure effective automation.

AI-Assisted Software Management
AI-Assisted Software Management

Depending on algorithm and prediction analysis, we generate automated strategic decisions with AI-assisted software.


To ensure a great customer experience, our AI experts design and develop a virtual AI agent to comprehend customer or team issues and translate the solution into human behaviour to resolve.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

We help you identify plentiful business opportunities through AI allows machines to monitor the data and imitate human action.

What Makes Canarys No.1?

What Makes Canarys No.1?

Canarys experts are well-versed in designing AI and its application in various industry disciplines, including healthcare, education, financial services, etc. To maximize return on investment, our artificial intelligence providers extend their seamless support for current businesses by automating business functions.

Canarys takes on complex artificial intelligence projects with transformed technologies, and we focus solely on new artificial intelligence dynamics for specific requirements and specifications of your enterprise. We secure a promising future for your company with Canarys artificial intelligence services.