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You may have used different technologies and innovative solutions to boost efficiency in your business ecosystem or, in fact, plan to shift to the next CICD pipeline. Canarys bring the best-in-class innovation as Azure DevOps Copy Project to promote efficient operations and team capabilities, empowering your team and management with more facilities included with Azure DevOps.

Canarys Copy Project
Adding More Power To Your Enterprise With Azure DevOps Copy Project

Adding More Power To Your Enterprise With Azure DevOps Copy Project

Whether you want to migrate an individual project from one Azure DevOps Services (ADO) Organisation to another or from Team Foundation Server (TFS) to an ADO or vice versa, Azure DevOps (VSTS) Copy Project is your ultimate solution!

Canarys, the leading firm for all your cloud solutions, is offering its enterprise-driven service, ‘Canarys Copy Project which will enable you to migrate any project from one organisation to another quickly and efficiently. With the aid of Canarys Azure DevOps Copy Project, the management unit of any enterprise can copy and shift the team project to another Team Project of Azure DevOps Organization.

Don’t Limit Yourself

This marketplace trial version comes in a limited period. It copies 100 work items with links and history, 1 GIT repo, 1 test plan, and 1 pipeline – Build and Release.

This tool has a full version, which transfers the project along with its history, attachments, linkage, and so on. Azure DevOps Copy Project tool is compliant with the following varieties:

  • Copy the project from the source to the destination and save it as a new project in the same Azure DevOps Organization.
  • Copy the project from source to destination as a new project across Azure DevOps Organizations.
  • Copy the project from the source to an existing project in the destination Azure DevOps Organization.
  • Across Azure DevOps Organizations, copy a project from the source to an existing project in the destination.
  • Copy a project from one Azure AD tenant to another.
Don't Limit Yourself
When Canarys Configure

When Canarys Proactively Work

Canarys provide all sorts of cloud computing, GitHub, and Azure DevOps solutions from installation, implementation, and operations to support – the whole Canarys unit got you covered with their full-stack assistance. With the creation of tech and innovative cloud solutions, they empower companies to monitor and troubleshoot their enterprise issues. Moreover, the skills, proficiency, and know-how of the Canarys team speak out the professionalism!

By using Canarys Copy Project solution and service, businesses get DevOps visibility with complete exposure to potential opportunities. Pair with us, and let us aid you in detecting and resolving application issues effortlessly and effectively, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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