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Azure Blob Storage: The PowerShell Way!


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This blog post is purely based on Azure Blob Storage: The PowerShell way!

In this blog post, I will

1.     Create a New Azure ResourceGroup

2.     Create a Storage account

3.     Create a New Container inside the Blob Storage of Storage Account.

4.     Upload a text file from your current machine to Azure container using AzCopy.


Please Follow the Steps Below:


#Create a New Azure Storage Account

$Location = ‘southeast asia’

$ResourceGroup = ‘Storage-RG’

$StorageAccountName = ‘canarysteststorage’

$StorageSKU = ‘Standard_LRS’

$ContainerName = ‘myblobcontainer’

$FileCopySource = ‘C:myfolder’

$FileCopyDest = ‘’




#Create a New Azure Resource Group

New-AzureRmResourceGroup -Location $Location -Name $ResourceGroup


#Create a New Azure Storage Account

New-AzureRmStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroup -Name $StorageAccountName -SkuName $StorageSKU -Location $Location


#Copy the Primary Storage key

$StorageKey = (Get-AzureRmStorageAccountKey -Name $StorageAccountName -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroup).value[0]


#Copy the Storage key

$StorageContext = New-AzureStorageContext -StorageAccountKey $StorageKey -StorageAccountName $StorageAccountName


#Create a New Azure Storage Container

$container = New-AzureStorageContainer -Name $ContainerName -Context $StorageContext


AzCopy /Source:$FileCopySource /Dest:$FileCopyDest /DestKey:$key /Pattern:CanarysText.txt

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