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Easy, Seamless, Cost-friendly Server Migration

If you are looking for an effective tool to migrate all your enterprise defects, Canarys migrating tools might be your saviour! The Bugzilla Migrator solution tool can transmit data from Bugzilla to the Azure DevOps Platform, aka Azure DevOps Services (ADO) or Server (TFS). Our tool aims to assist you in transferring items (defects) with complete revision history from Bugzilla to ADO/TFS.

Given the differences in the authentication schemes of Bugzilla and TFS, the tool seamlessly migrates the domains, transformation, and field value systems from Bugzilla to ADO/TFS, as well as the users, based on the user mappings.

Canarys is a full-stack tech support associate of all-sized enterprises that brings together the technicalities and seamless experience you need in a single turn-key package to migrate data from one platform to another with zero hindrances.

Easy, Seamless, Cost-friendly Server Migration
Easy Data Migration with Bugzilla

Easy Data Migration with Bugzilla

Many IT strategists are concerned about security during migration from one platform to another because it involves shifting crucial business data for purposes ranging from increased demand for resources to cost-cutting or merely the need for a more reliable environment.

Bring in experts to help you migrate your enterprise database from one platform to another. Whether you want to migrate from Bugzilla to Azure DevOps Services, or TFS, you get a configurable migration process that ensures 100% data transfer with less downtime.

Easy Data Migration Easy Data Migration

Bugzilla: Eliminating Defects With Easy Migration

Bugzilla is inarguably an excellent defect-tracking tool. However, when it comes to Azure DevOps’ Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with end-to-end traceability and transparent migration, defect management in an external tool may appear to be a significant loophole in your armour.

Even if you intend to switch from Bugzilla to TFS, the lack of the necessary tools may impede your plans. The sheer effort needed to transmit current defect information from Bugzilla to TFS could be a major deterrent.

Bugzilla: Eliminating Defects With Easy Migration Bugzilla: Eliminating Defects With Easy Migration
Bugzilla: Eliminating Defects With Easy Migration

The “Bugzilla to Azure DevOps Migrator” tool by Canarys performs with full potency to migrate the complete defect information from the Bugzilla Defect Tracking System into the Microsoft Team Foundation Server. The data migrated would include the following:

  • The information from the defect fields
  • The transaction history
  • The transition history
  • The user information
  • The attachments
  • The final state
  • The current assignee
Canarys Solution Engineering capabilities

The tool migrates:

  • Bug items with history and attachments.
  • Test steps: steps followed to test the bug.
  • All the fields are present in each of the bugs.

The tool migrates:

  • Bugzilla to TFS 2019 and Azure DevOps 2020 server
  • Bugzilla to Azure DevOps service

Our expert heads in Canarys will aid you in selecting the right toolsets and technologies to ensure a better system for enterprise data.

Explore Canarys Potency

Explore Canarys Potency

For Bugzilla to Azure DevOps Services, we have got you covered in all disciplines of the Migration stages. Canarys consultants can assist you with

  • Installation and Configuration of the Azure DevOps Server or setup of the Azure DevOps Services account.
  • Configure your Azure DevOps environment using tried-and-true industry-best practices.
  • Conduct Assessment, document observations, and provide migration strategy along with the detailed plan to migrate data from Bugzilla to ADO
  • Perform migrations in batches or one-go based on the agreed strategy & plan
  • Define security and consumer accounts, including group access restrictions
  • Configure product, project, and milestone management rules
  • Understand a bug’s lifecycle
  • Schedule notifications

Stands to benefit:

  • Higher productivity and lower expenses – we ensure you’re not overspending on infrastructure or other cloud roads and bridges.
  • Improved IT agility because there is no vendor lock-in.
  • Quick and easy workload migration at scale.
Stands to benefit
Azure DevOps

Canarys keep your system infrastructure abreast with ongoing technological augmentations, quality assurance, security patches, and technical glitches caused by the rollout of cutting-edge tools and technologies. If you want to experience the latest hint of Azure and Bugzilla services with migrating tools, think of Canarys.

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