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Effortless Bugzilla to TFS Transition

Automate the tactics of moving data between Bugzilla to the Team Foundation Server.

Unlatch A New Roadmap for Smooth, Hassle-free Migration

Over the years, DevOps practices have seen fast-pacing advancement. Application Lifecycle Management has become hassle-free with the availability of solutions like Bugzilla and TFS. But, when it comes to data migration from Bugzilla to TFS 2013, the transition is not so straightforward and consistent.

As one of the top-leading DevOps-certified firms, Canarys has come out with an excellent solution, “Bugzilla to TFS 2013” Migration.

Unlatch A New Roadmap for Smooth,Hassle-free Migration
End-to-End Migration Solutions

End-to-End Migration Solutions

After venturing a few years ago, Bugzilla remains the most preferred bug-tracking tool for developers. Updated and configured by the Mozilla Foundation, this web-based “open-source” system enables technocrats to track code changes and operate a smooth application lifecycle management (ALM).

Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), powered by Canarys, laid the foundation for efficient team and code management over the decade. As a whole bunch of issue tracking, version control and ALM tools, it serves as a comprehensive solution to deal with database changes, source code administration and uncomplicated project management.

For years, Bugzilla has simplified software management approaches with excellent features and error-tracking systems. Due to the lack of integrated approaches, it is the right time to upgrade to a new server, TFS 2013. At Canarys Bugzilla to TFS 2013 Migration, the migration process becomes easy and budding enterprises can enjoy agile software project management at zero to nominal downtime.

With the new DevOps implementation through TFS 2013 upgrade, a business organisation can have endless benefits as follows.

  • Modernisation of the software deployment process
  • Stringent technical backlog tracking
  • Reduced expenditures
  • Seamless integration and data exchange with other Microsoft Resources
  • Automate building technical features
Decoding Canarys Consulting Model

Steadfast Solutions By Canarys

When we talk about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) offered by the TFS with end-to-end traceability, defect management in an external tool may prove to be the major chink in the armour.

Even though the intent of moving away from Bugzilla to TFS may be lurking in the mind of budding business owners, the lack of the tools for the purpose may hinder their potential plans. The sheer efforts required to move the current defect information from Bugzilla to the TFS may be the major deterrent.

Onboard with Canarys – Microsoft Gold DevOps Platform!

For defect tracking, Bugzilla tech stacks by Canarys are appropriate. While TFS 2013, as the viable source code management solution, is utilised for completing the software development and deployment process. But, the lack of availability of appropriate migration tools from Bugzilla to TFS 2013 (that transfer comprehensive defect information and automate the process) leads to organisational hurdles for providing compatible DevOps solutions.

Being the Microsoft Gold solution provider and Globally recognised DevOps Migration platform, Canarys has introduced a viable solution to transform unique business ideation into reality with Bugzilla to TFS 2013 Migration.

Ready to witness a simplified migration journey that brings stiff-necked process decisions with unmatched agility to project management? Team up to execute a risk-free transition with Canarys.

Onboard with Canarys-Microsoft Gold DevOps Platform!

Top-notch Bugzilla to TFS Transition

Canarys has built a migration tool, “Bugzilla to TFS 2013 Migrator Tool,” which is very user-friendly and is capable of migrating the complete defect information from the Bugzilla Defect Tracking System into the Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013.

The data migrated would include the following:

  • the information from the defect fields
  • the transaction history
  • the transition history
  • the user information
  • the attachments
  • the final state
  • the current assignee

The tool also manages the user translations from the Bugzilla users to the TFS Active Directory users so that the ownership information, as well as transaction history, correctly maps to the relevant users in TFS. In addition, the state translations are also taken care given the minor nomenclature differences between Bugzilla and TFS.

One of the salient features of the tool is that once the initial analysis is completed, the migration can be planned incrementally. The tool automatically also picks up from the previously stopped position and continues migration from there in case of any disruptions during the migration.

Top-notch Bugzilla to TFS Transition

Witness Our Staggering Capacities

The certified cloud engineers and migration experts at Canarys help enterprises move the data from Bugzilla to the TFS Microsoft DevOps Platform. Bugzilla to TFS 2013 Migration is not an elementary process; it demands a dedicated advanced-level strategy. In fact, the transition of defect information and data bytes with complete revision history is a real deal. With Canarys Bugzilla to TFS 2013 Migration Solution, developing companies and market leaders can enjoy a seamless ALM journey. The TFS 2013 transition would provide companies with countless benefits, as follows.

Enhanced automation
Enhanced automation

While transferring error information from Bugzilla to TFS, DevOps experts often follow manual processes due to a lack of efficient solutions. Bugzilla to TFS 2013 upgrade at Canarys allows businesses to create tailored tasks and maintain an automated build scheme.

Excel Version Control
Excel Version Control

TFS 2013 transition enables DevOps professionals to supervise the ALM and repositories, having access to a wide range of version control capabilities.

Enhanced security
Enhanced security

By transitioning to TFS 2013 with Canarys “in-built” migration solution, organisations can experience easy segmentation of responsibilities and deploy secure application management.

Augmenting Workflow For Decades

Augmenting Workflow For Decades

Canarys, being a globally recognised DevOps solution provider, has been offering unique and functional Development solutions over the years. Our sole vision is to build a workflow that is seamless, secure, hassle-free, and easily accessible.

Guess the years of expertise we have in innovation and excellence. 30+. That’s insane!

We are specialists in Azure DevOps, Automation, and other technical orchestration, which added a feather to our cap by being honoured as Microsoft 2014, 2017 and 2018 DevOps finalists. Bring respective project ideation to our DevOps experts; we will bring value-added solutions!

Integrating our industry expertise and state-of-art tech stacks, we still stand for innovation and initiatives. We navigated Bugzilla to TFS 2013 migration solutions which are worth the time and attention of new-age business owners. By installing this unique migration solution, companies can re-configure risk-free, agile and automated ALM infrastructure.

Plan. Assess. Migrate.

Ready to adopt the performance-driven migration approach?