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Business Process Testing Framework in QTP


Business Process Testing Framework


Business Process Testing (BPT) is the core integration of QTP and QC where writing the script (developing the component) and creating the test flow happens in QC itself.

BPT tests are made up of two types of components

a.       Keyword component which is similar to keyword view of action on QTP

b.      Scripted component which is similar to expert view of action on QTP

NOTE: We can develop keyword component in QC itself but for scripted component we have to use QTP.

Application Area: BPT components cannot directly access the QTP resources such as Shared Object Repository, Functions, Library and Recovery scenario manager, it should be done through an interface called Application Area

Implementation of BPT Framework

In order to implement BPT framework, we have to follow the below mentioned steps

  1. Creating and uploading shared object repository and function libraries
  2. Creating application area
  3. Creating the business components
  4. Creating the Business process test
  5. Creating test set and executing


1. Creating and uploading shared object repository and function library:

     Steps to Save Object Repository in QC

  • Open QTP and connect to QC
  • Open the Object Repository Manager
  • Open the application and add the required objects to the Shared Object Repository
  • Save the above shared object repository in the following location of QC

Saving Object Repositories

     Steps to Save Save Function Library in QC

  • Open QTP and connect to QC
  • Go to File Menu and select New option and select Function Library
  • Write the function code
  • Save the function Library in the following location of QC

Saving Function Library

2. Creating Application area:

  1. Open QTP and connect to QC
  2. Go to File menu, Select New option and then select Application Area
  3. Go to Function libraries click on Add (+), Browse and select above created function library and click Ok
  4. Go to Object repository click on Add(+), Browse and select above created Object Repository and click OK
  5. Save the application area with the Name and Description

3. Creating the business component:

There are two types of components

a. Keyword component

b. Scripted component

     Steps to create keyword component

  • Login to QC, Go to business component tab, select the required folder present under components Note: If Folder is not present then we have to create the folder
  • Click on New Component, Specify component name and click OK
  • Specify the following in the details tab ( Assigned to, Summary, Precondition, Post-Condition
  • In the parameters tab create the parameters if required
  • Go to Design steps tab and add the manual steps click on automate component and select Quick Test Keyword driven then press “YES” and “OK”
  • Go to automation tab and convert manual steps into automation step

     Steps to create scripted component

  • Select the required folder present under components, then click on the New component
  • Specify the required information in the details tab
  • Take the screenshot if it is required
  • Create the parameters if required
  • Specify the design steps
  • Click on the Automate component and select Quick test scripted
  • Go to automation tab, Click on Launch which opens selected component in the QTP
  • Go to file, select change application area, Select the required application area and click OK
  • Write the script, Save the component and close QTP
  • Go to Details tap and change the status to READY

4. Creating Business Process Test script:

  • In QC, go to test plan, select the required folder present under the subject (Create if it does not exists”
  • Click on the new test, Specify the test type as Business Process
  • Specify the test name and click OK
  • Go to test script tab, drag and drop the components from components tree based on the test flow
  • In order to execute set of component multiple times. We can group it and create and add the group iteration

5. Executing Business Process Test script:

   In order to execute the BPT

  • Go to Test
  • Create required
  • Create a test
  • Add the scripts from the test plan tree to execution grid of the test set


BPT WorkFlow:

                                             BPT Work Flow

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