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The Canarys Date Validator is an Azure DevOps Extension designed to validate dates. It ensures that the start date is not set after the finish date, preventing users from saving corrupted work items.

How It Works:

Within Azure DevOps, when users set or update any system date field, such as the start date and finish date, this extension evaluates the dates. It checks that the start date is not later than the finish date, and based on this evaluation, it either allows or restricts the user from saving the work item.

If the start date is found to be later than the finish date, the extension takes action by disabling the save button and displaying an error message to notify the user. As shown in the figure start date is after finish date so save button is disabled and error message is displayed stating “Finish Date is before Start Date”.

On the other hand, if the start date is on or before the same date as the finish date, the extension clears any existing errors and enables the save button.

In the gif above, the user initially entered “03/10/2023” as the system start date and “02/10/2023” as the system finish date. Since the finish date is earlier than the start date, the save button is disabled, and an error message appears: “Finish Date is before Start Date.” However, when the user changes the system finish date to “05/10/2023,” where the finish date is now after the start date, the error is removed, and the save button becomes enabled.

The tool actively functions when work items are loaded, reset, updated, refreshed, or saved.

How to Set Up:

Step 1: Navigate to the Visual Marketplace.

Step 2: In the search bar, type “Canarys Date Validator.

Step 3: Click on the “Get it free” button.

Step 4: Select the organization where you want this extension to be installed.

Step 5: Click on the “Install” button.


The Canarys Date Validator is a valuable Azure DevOps Extension that helps maintain data integrity by ensuring that date fields adhere to logical constraints. By preventing the input of inconsistent or erroneous dates, it aids users in creating and maintaining accurate work items within their projects. The extension is easy to set up, making it a practical addition to any Azure DevOps environment.




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