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Canarys Rollup service is a web service designed to facilitate the aggregation of specified fields from child work items into their parent work items. This service is tailored for integration with Azure DevOps and focuses on effort-related fields, namely “Original Estimate,” “Completed Work,” and “Remaining Work.”.

The service is intended to work seamlessly within an Azure DevOps organization and project. However, it necessitates project administrator privileges to establish and manage service hooks. Moreover, work items in the project must be configured with effort-related fields enabled, including “Original Estimate,” “Remaining Work,” and “Completed Work.”

To set up the Rollup functionality in your project, follow these steps:

Configuration via Marketplace:

Begin by navigating to the Azure DevOps Marketplace and selecting the “Get Started” option for the Canarys Rollup service. This action will direct you to the Canarys Rollup homepage. Click on the “Sign In” button to proceed, granting the necessary permissions for the configuration process.

Authentication and Project Selection:

After signing in, you’ll encounter a form that prompts you to choose your Azure DevOps organization and project. Provide the relevant details as required

Personal Access Token (PAT) Creation:

Generate a Personal Access Token (PAT) with the following scope permissions: “Profile Read,” “Work Item Read,” and “Work Item Write.” Input the generated PAT into the designated field.

Customization Options:

The service offers additional options that users can tailor to their specific needs:

  1. Auto Calculate Remaining Work:
    This option computes the “Remaining Work” field value based on the formula: Remaining Work = Original Estimate – Completed Work.
  2. Story Point Rollup:
    This option automates the rollup of story points from child work items to their parent work items.

Users have the flexibility to choose these options based on their project requirements. By default, these options will be enabled for the selected project, though they can be disabled at any point in the future.

Activation of Rollup:

Once the Rollup functionality is enabled, you’ll notice the creation of a “Rollup View” query within the shared query folder. Additionally, a “Rollup View Dashboard” is generated to visually showcase the aggregated effort field values.

Once you enable the Rollup, you can see a Rollup view query in the shared query folder and the Rollup View Dashboard created to showcase the Rollup of effort fields.

In summary, the Canarys Rollup service streamlines the process of summing effort-related fields from child work items and presenting them in their corresponding parent work items. This integration is tailored for use within Azure DevOps projects, providing project administrators with a seamless tool for efficient work item management.

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