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  • How to build a client side Repeater Using jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX

    jTemplate is a template engine plug-in for jQuery and is commonly used to display tabular data by binding objects to the template. Before using jTemplate, we must know how to use the jTemplate syntax. The following tags are supported in jTemplate and you can see an example here ·         if..elseif..else../if ·         foreach..else../for ·         for..else../for ·         continue, break jTemplates also supports “for”…

  • Populate data as Facebook feeds in ASP.NET

    Want to load the data dynamically as Facebook feeds? Need to populate the data when scrollbar comes down to page/panel? In Facebook, we use to see the post feeds would load dynamically when you scroll to bottom of the page. I did attempt the same to achieve it in ASP.NET and finally end up with…