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Cloud computing is the sought-after provision of computer system resources, particularly computing power and data storage, without straightforward management by the user. Large clouds frequently distribute their functions among several locations, which is a data centre.

Create a hybrid cloud strategy with the help of Canarys cloud services to accelerate the pace, drive cost reduction, and open up new avenues for innovation. With architectural flexibility and accelerating technologies like AI, you can modernise your apps for better ROI, create cloud-native apps, and manage them at scale — on your platform of choice.

Cloud offerings powered by Canarys feature various patterns of cloud functionalities, including

  • Cloud Environment
  • Processing Offerings
  • Communication Offerings
  • Storage Offerings
Cloud Offerings Introduction
Why is cloud migration testing important?

Why is cloud migration testing important?

By employing Cloud migration testing, the IT team can improve user experience to ensure a fully functional application after shifting to the cloud and provide a better UX. To accomplish this, they must evaluate the app’s performance on both cloud and on-premises.

Migration testing is critical when it comes to data. According to technical standards, migration testing is necessary for the following:

  • Ensure that the latest or upgraded application works with all of the software and hardware the legacy app supports. Additionally, new compatibility for new hardware and software platforms needs to be tested.
  • To ensure that the brand-new application functions similarly to the legacy application while maintaining all of the existing functionalities.
  • Since there is a high likelihood that migration will result in a significant number of errors, many of which will be data-related, these defects must be found and corrected during testing.
  • To guarantee that the new application’s mechanism response time is equal to or lower than that of the legacy/old application.

Why Canarys?

Canarys offers a lean yet effective test methodology to cover all aspects of cloud applications. Our Test methodology includes the following:

  • Functional Testing: Functional flow of the application is tested on the cloud to verify that business needs are met and that each major and minor functional aspect of the application is giving the expected output.
  • Browser compatibility: To verify the application works on multiple browsers and browser versions on the cloud environment.
  • OS Compatibility Testing: The application is tested on various Operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOs, and Windows.
  • Load and performance testing: Load testing becomes very important in the cloud environment to check how the application performs when it deals with expected numbers of users, to check the response time and to identify the bottlenecks.
  • Stress and Volume testing: Testing is done under heavy loads, with huge data, to identify how the application performs when there are more than expected users. In cases of an application crash, proper action can be taken.
  • Security Testing: To check the cloud application is secure, testers do authorisation and authentication testing, API testing, database testing, network access testing, compliance testing, etc.,
  • Regression Testing: The older features are tested whenever there are any enhancements, new features addition, and patch updates to the cloud by the service provider to ensure the older/existing features are not affected due to the changes.
Why Canarys?

Canarys Steps of testing the cloud Environment

Canarys Steps of testing the
                    cloud Environment

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