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How Canarys Augemnted Pharmaceutical Operations and Resolved Dashboard Reliability Issues

Canarys have walked the extra mile with analytics testing solutions to resolve our client’s dashboard reliability burdens.

How Canarys Augemnetd Pharmaceutical Operations and Resolved Dashboard Reliability Issues

Our Partner

Our client is a big 3-tier pharma company in the USA, accounting for nearly 45% of the global pharma market. The company is specializing in biopharma outputs, essential and non-essential medical facilities, and more. 

What Drives Us To Innovate

To meet the pent-up demands in the pharma verticals, our clients have incorporated tech-enabled infrastructure that aids in monitoring key performance indicators for the companies. Today the pharmaceutical industry is evidencing fast-pacing change due to changing disease patterns, rising patient output, and growing demands for data-driven and agile business approaches.

These leading pharmaceutical companies realized that their age-old IT infrastructure and technical approaches produced substantial roadblocks to seamless business operations and practitioners trying to assist people. The fundamental problems our clients were facing:

  • Absence of appropriate data quality detection and issue prevention system.
  • Dashboard inefficiency regarding decision-management
  • Dashboard clutter
  • Multiple dashboard access one system
  • Poor stakeholder engagement
  • Validation issues in AI/ML calais
  • Lack of tech-driven mapping between roles and dashboards
Solutions by Canarys

Canarys CTA

This American 3-tier pharmaceutical company had teamed up with Canarys especially to resolve the dashboard reliability issues, data quality management, and accuracy or dashboard interference challenges. 

To execute a distinctive solution, we employed an in-detail analysis of existing dashboard operations and contents. Our strategies remained mitigating problems from the roots and offering an innovative ROI-driven technological transformation of entire dashboard capabilities.  

  • We first evaluated the area of improvement for dashboard reliability challenges.
  • Our top priority was streamlining the quantity and quality of content to meet operational demands. 
  • We optimized the dashboards with custom-tapered procedures for enhanced decision-making systems. 

Together, we worked as a team to launch new approaches while adopting three tech-based solutions.

  • Dual Focus: Canarys Analytics Testing Solutions revamped Data Quality Testing and Data Observability Checks.
  • Analytics: We enabled the organization for Predictive, Descriptive, Diagnostic, Prescriptive, and Cognitive analytics and testing.
  • Semantic testing: We incorporated Semantic testing facilities, which are KPI-focused.

Stable. Optimized. KPI-driven Results.

Canarys have created superior organizational experiences utilizing our human ingenuity and technical understanding. Our exceptional innovation approaches have streamlined the pharmaceutical operation from business analysis and stakeholder data that needs to metrics value analysis, reports & suggestions. 

With Canarys Analytics Testing Implementation, our esteemed clients have enjoyed the benefits such as the following:

  • Improved decision-making approaches
  • Better stakeholder engagement
  • Minimizing dashboard content
  • Improved reliability of the dashboard
  • Compelling data visualizations and analysis. 

Listen to Our Story of Excellence

“Canarys has been truly a game-changer for our pharmaceutical operations. They changed our decade-old tech infrastructure with ingenious analytics testing solutions. They successfully brought digital transformation in pharma sector that not only upgraded internal and external work processes but also made beneficiaries’ life better.”

– Head of the Company