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How Canarys resolved complexity and helped BFSI firm achieve 5X faster task assignments for internal and external teams in DevOps

Canarys has pulled together some examples of how we helped our esteemed clients in the banking and financial industry deliver consistent customer service, optimize workflows, and build a collaborative culture in the cloud. 

How Canarys resolved complexity and helped BFSI firm achieve 5X faster task assignments for internal and external teams in DevOps

Meet our Prestigious Client

Our BFSI client is one of India’s leading and most diversified NBFCs registered with RBI that deals with loans, wealth and assets management, EMI cards, and insurance, catering to 50+ million customers nationwide.  

Key Challenges

Earlier, our honorable BFSI client relied on Project Management Tool (PMT), especially designed and developed for the BFSI team to track project management, internal performance assessment, business process monitoring, and so on. Besides, ZOHO was the primary server for the team for monitoring major server accesses, from service requests and support tickets to business requests and more. 

The complexity of ZOHO constantly raised challenges making task creation and assignment difficult for the internal team of our top-tier BFSI client.

  • They faced hard times while following the Timeline
  • The internal team had restrictions during mail communication to business users
  • They faced hardships in accessing since the tool was not fully automated
  • They could only track bigger projects with 3-4 months of run time
  • Excel sheets were mandatory to monitor the progress
  • Tasks would take a lifetime to get updated

Since ZOHO was integrated with complex design and technology, this BFSI firm sought an innovative, simple, fast, and effective solution to minimize additional investment in different tools. So, the company teamed up with Canarys, where we introduced them to Azure DevOps to help them get ready for a futuristic solution. 

Bringing a Valuable Change

Canarys Azure DevOps solution for this top-tier BFSI firm was custom programmed and developed to streamline cloud-based operations in multiple functional areas with constant support. The adaptation of a smart DevOps server made project management simpler, easier, and much more efficient. We customized the Agile Template for the company to smoothen its journey of Azure DevOps culture. This transformation, defined by Canarys cloud experts, helps them work with custom workflows and track Business Requirement Documents.

Ensuring Next-level Transformation

Ensuring Next-level Transformation

  • 5x faster task assignment for internal and external teams
  • Hassle-free collaboration with Non-BFL Teams through email notifications
  • Build functionality for the time-to-delivery (TTD) assessment of project requirements using Azure DevOps Rest APIs. It ensures on-time project delivery.
  • Azure App Services hosts all extensions and offers auto-scale and easy deployment features.
  • We are simplifying ZOHO to Azure DevOps for our client company to implement the entire workflow in Azure DevOps.
  • 12+ Agile templates to feed various business requirements
  • We implemented a TV deck custom Dashboard to track ongoing project progress to take the required CTA. 
  • We developed the incentive matrix algorithm for the team at each User Story based on the work items in Azure DevOps.
  • We migrated the Salesforce teams to Azure DevOps (Repos) by deploying a Salesforce application using Azure DevOps pipelines and Repos.

Client’s success story

“Compared to other vendors, we chose Canarys for Azure DevOps server and app solutions for more optimized workflows on the cloud. Canarys is the synonym for agile, innovative, and simplicity. Because of their expertise and resource availability, we could deploy a smarter work culture, expand our capacity to manage the projects and witness spectacular results. Canarys has been a great asset to our company.” 

– Head of the Company