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DevOps Assessment & Strategy Planning Services

Due to the increasing value of ongoing product delivery, there is an increase in demand for DevOps services. DevOps enables businesses to deploy software by integrating development and operations more effectively. It enables faster and more secure software delivery through the right set of processes, tools, and culture. If integrated properly, DevOps can change the way your business performs. A strong collaboration between the Development and Operations team is the core ingredient of a DevOps strategy.

To achieve or to start DevOps adoption, we at Canarys will assess your models in use, dive deep into your current processes, and identify the gaps, strengths, and weaknesses. We pledge to amplify the procedures, drive innovation, and facilitate a functional feedback mechanism by integrating agile and lean principles throughout the project lifecycle. From your technical core processes to business metrics, we follow a very well-structured methodology.

Based on the assessment, we recommend the best practices implemented across various clients for DevOps adoption and future roadmap. Our experts will ensure improved operational efficiency and faster feature delivery by setting up an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline with Agile practices & DevOps toolchain.

Our DevOps assessment and strategy planning services offer the following:

  • Assessment of the current toolchain, culture, and procedures of DevOps.
  • Visualization of the ideal situation
  • Building an action plan and a roadmap
  • Adjusting to organizational change
DevOps Assessment & Strategy Planning Services

Featuring DevOps Assessment Benefits At Canarys

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A successful DevOps Maturity assessment can help prepare an organization for changes such as

  • Gain a deeper insight into your DevOps practices
  • Assure implementation across the DevOps process lifecycle
  • Create DevOps capability through knowledge transition.
  • Customized report on current DevOps setup and areas for improvement
  • Reduce operational costs and delivery cycle times
  • Actionable checklist to improve your DevOps practices
  • Create a clear implementation roadmap to accelerate DevOps implementation

Welcome Digital Transformation with Canarys

With Canarys, organizations are optimizing the software development process, boosting developer productivity, and improving agile development workflows to produce better software more quickly.

We conduct interviews and discussions with different teams involved in the process to assess the current state of their DevOps culture, process, and tools and measure the level of the maturity model. An actionable plan will be created in association with the decision-makers to reach the end goal. We will conduct initial hands-on workshops and overview sessions to help the teams get some understanding of the plan and initial knowledge of DevOps concepts.

  • Preparation for DevOps Planning

    We will create a visualization of the-desired state and create a roadmap to help you to get there.

  • Review Action plan

    We identify the gap between the current state that you have and the desired state that you want to achieve.

  • Result of the Assessment

    DevOps assessment report will include recommendations on how to improve your current DevOps setup. This will help you plan and manage the transition to DevOps, drive improvements or support your DevOps operations.

  • Metrics and Analytics

    We help you to identify the right metrics and key performance indicators to improve the alignment and collaboration between the development team and the IT operation team.

  • Organizational change

    We will nurture the cultural change needed toward the agile development methodology in the company that follows DevOps.

  • Build DevOps roadmap

    We design and shape roadmaps for the organization based on the assessment data, outlining the success criteria and measurement metrics and defining the toolchain for Continuous Development, Integration, Deployment, and Delivery. Design a roadmap for pilot and production DevOps processes implementation.

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