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Bringing Healthcare Operational Resilience with Canarys Azure DevOps Ecosystem

View the example of how Canarys helped leading healthcare organizations extend operational capacity and team engagement with personalized and consolidated Azure DevOps Server Implementation.

Bringing Healthcare Operational Resilience with Canarys Azure DevOps Ecosystem

Client Profile

Our Healthcare client was the fastest-developing and premium healthcare technology solution provider since 2008. With 15+ years of industry insights, our clients have acquired extensive knowledge in provider data & contract management, benefit plan management, value-based reconciliation, and other healthcare practices. 

Challenges We Discovered

As an exclusive health planning enterprise, our esteemed client approached Canarys inventive solutions for implementing integrated technical practices. They chose us to consolidate DevOps practices and standardize Microsoft DevOps platform to relieve the following challenges they faced in their organization. 

  • Our client referred to multiple solution points that impact employee productivity.
  • Open Project for resource planning and project management
  • Excel Spreadsheets for data accessibilities
  • Sharepoint Online for source code, sprint management 
  • Microsoft Project Professional for project planning and progress tracking
  • Subversion (SVN) for software versioning and revision control
  • Manual interventions, jobs, and email exchanges still prevailed in the client system. 
  • The existing system was missing automated facilities for resource utilization.
  • They faced substantial challenges streamlining defect management, test case solutions, and delivering change requests.

Additionally, some other significant bottlenecks that we identified were a lack of traceability about operations, an absence of audit trails, and lack of a consistent sprint tracking process. 

Solutions by Canarys

Solutions by Canarys 

Canarys team has introduced the clients to a holistic solution, Azure DevOps powered by Azure Active Directory, after analyzing all the solution roadblocks. Aiming to adopt updated DevOps practices at zero maintenance cost, we referred to extensive technical upgrades. Such exhaustive and cutting-edge technical repositories are easy-to-enable and offer hassle-free integrations with third-party applications.

We consider the following activities for phase-wise implementation of DevOps systems. 

  • We implemented Azure Boards for agile planning.
  • Involving team members, we updated the DevOps Assessment and recommendations process to accelerate the tracking and auditing process.
  • Setting up Azure DevOps Organisation with AD sync and normalizing the data prior to publishing
  • We established the permission configuration, users, and team projects.
  • To meet business demands, our skilled team customized process templates and dashboards.
  • To meet business demands, our skilled team customized process templates and dashboards.
  • For better progress mapping and sprint visualization, we referred to the customization of Kanban and Task.

Canarys pledge to deliver end-to-end solution transformation without impacting regular workflow. Our Azure DevOps professionals implemented best practices, modified work fields, and trained workers during business hours to respect our consistent commitment to scalable and competitive organization transition for our respective clients. 

A Result-Driven DevOps Transformation

With dedicated and consistent support from Canarys Team,  our prestigious client has grown its workforce capabilities to experience scalability and efficiency. The key benefits our custom-tailored DevOps solution have offered include the following:

  • Accessible PaaS & SaaS resources: We enhanced resource availability for error-free Dev-Test and integrated SSO for seamless business unit management.
  • Declined manual interventions: Establishments of Azure Boards result in end-to-end traceability with better resource allocation and tracking systems.
  • Team engagement: We customized Kanban and Task board that delivered enhanced team collaboration anywhere, anytime.
A Result-Driven DevOps Transformation 

Transformation Highlights


Assured availability of Azure DevOps Services


Declined resource costs

Success Story

“The support we received from Canarys not only allows us to achieve customer delight and mitigate solution loopholes, but we have also noticed progressive results. The uninterrupted and expert-guided migration from on-premise data to Azure DevOps led to unexpectedly reduced release cycle time, team productivity, and satisfied partners.”