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Leveraging DevOps Solutions for Telecom Firms to Witness 60% Less Time

Leading Telecom Solution Provider has teamed with Canarys to adopt Azure DevOps, resolving all solution pain points.

Executing Digital-first Manufacturing Capabilities

Meet Our Partner

The client was a top-tier telecommunication and broadcasting firm that stepped into the Indian market in 2007. Being a subsidiary enterprise of a leading multinational conglomerate, they have expanded the LTE network over 22 telecom circles. With their years of corporate reputation and nationwide presence, our client has forecasted a US$11 billion revenue expansion as of FY 2020-21.

Call for Innovation

Our partner offers one-stop telecom solutions to thousands of Indian users. To control their operational activities, our client has orchestrated standard technical resources comprising

  • Project management: JIRA + IBM RTC
  • Defect tracking: JIRA + IBM RTC
  • Source code management: GitLab + Supervision
  • CI/CD: Jenkins
  • Testcase Management: IBM Rational Quality Management

As they were facing myriad operational difficulties, the ultimate requirements from Canarys came as follows:

  • Since different vendors owned the above tools and techniques, they wanted us to develop integrated solutions.
  • Monitoring the work progress or capturing end-to-end traceability must be our foremost priority.
  • They desired to get a complete breakdown structure for project planning.
  • Enforcement of Branch policies to GitLab for seamless code reviews and quality
  • Significantly reduced build time for business agility
  • Automation of Release Management system with Gates and approval workflows.

Additionally, they wanted us to consolidate multiple Jenkins and GitLab servers serving 6000+ users and integrate data for easy reporting. 

When Technology Blends Human Inventiveness 

When Technology Blends Human Inventiveness 

Partnering with them, Canarys has fully structured Azure DevOps Server with SQL Always-On Availability groups. Our tech crats considered comprehensive DevOps toolchains and migration approaches while phase-wise implementing solutions. 

To onboard the unstoppable telecom solutions, we strategized a personalized plan for them that includes:

  • JIRA to Azure Boards migrations of 150+ projects using Solidify (third-party common) within two months
  • Accessed Import Repository Option in Azure DevOps for easy migration from GitLab repos to Azure Repos
  • Trunk Based Development for hassle-free enforcement of Branch policies and the most satisfactory code review management
  • 20+ projects had been migrated from Jenkins to Azure Pipelines on a priority note for embracing automations.

An Appreciable Difference

Leveraging the power of Canarys Azure DevOps implementation, our clients have encountered enhanced workflow productivity and untangled project management complexities. 

With custom-tailored Agile template, we have delivered undeniable benefits and distinguished resolutions as follows: 

  • Superior defect tracking and outstanding project management capabilities owing to decommissioning the JIRA server
  • Developers can now easily trace code to task, build and deploy potential benefits.
  • User-friendly Pipeline creation to boost agility
  • Personalized Azure Dash Boards with widgets and charts for a data-driven reporting system.
An Appreciable Difference 

What Our Partners Says

“Together, Canarys and our team have accomplished a winning milestone bringing efficiency, functionality, and collaboration with Azure DevOps practices. We are fortunate to have Canarys IT experts right next to us! In our next venture, we are planning to upgrade other valuable assets like GitLab repos and Jenkins Pipelines to fully employ the benefits of DevOps culture for internal teams in the upcoming days.”

– Head of the Company