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Streamline your workflows and boost scalability with our all-encompassing DevOps Migration Solution.

Consider DevOps as a service for your TFS with Canarys. At Canarys, our DevOps whiz helps companies move forward with the latest available TFS variants already working on TFS. Engineered with special procedures and tech elements, our DevOps migration service fine-tunes every business process with the recent feature additions on the newer versions of TFS that offers a bang for your buck!

Streamline your workflows and boost 
                    scalability with our all-encompassing DevOps Migration Solution.

Seamless Migration For TFS upgrade

Over a while, Microsoft has added some amazing productivity features to the TFS, resulting in better visibility and hassle-free web-based project management. Our TFS upgrade services are designed to minimize service downtime with zero / negligible data loss. Our team would set up a stand-by server to reduce risks during the migration. The transition from the legacy versions would be seamless and covers the incompatible features to ensure that the upgraded features are entirely available to the team.

Seamless Migration For TFS upgrade
Why choose Canarys DevOps 

Why choose Canarys DevOps Migration?

For organizations, our digital solutions entail ongoing intelligence that manages multi-cloud migration, modernization, and management using real-time context data.

At Canarys, our experts could evaluate how well your current technologies work with Azure DevOps and assist with the migration. May it be Code migration from any of your VCs like SVN, Git, Github, VSS, Defect migration from ClearQuest or Bugzilla or integration with any of your existing tools like AHA, we can help you out.

Processes and Technologies We Employ

Let us help you maximize your business’s success by employing a suite of tried-and-true processes and technologies, including

Productive cloud solutions
Productive cloud solutions

We are masters at adding value to your workforce by offering accessible solutions and scalable IT resources at a reasonable price through the cloud.

Containers & Orchestration
Containers & Orchestration

The technologies and tools we rely on minimize network implications, automate deployment, streamline business operations, strengthen security, and lower business costs.


The amalgam of technologies and tech whizzes facilitates the quick and effective delivery of software. At Canarys, we accelerate the project implementation process to bring it to the market significantly and efficiently with the aid of CI/CD. It provides the project with a steady stream of new features, functions, and supply code.


These procedures enable your business to oversee project implementation for managerial decision-making by using a systematic approach to the information collection, analysis, and use.

What makes us industry leaders?

What makes us industry leaders?

We can help you move data in your Rational ClearQuest tool to Azure DevOps. This includes database migration from ClearQuest’s Oracle database to the MS-SQL Server database in the backend. You will be amazed by the effectiveness of Cananrys customized tool and how it helps you migrate each record from ClearQuest to an Azure DevOps account.

Ensure flawless software development with Bugzilla

Take a look at our in-house tool Bugzilla to TFS Migrator, to assist you in migrating data from Bugzilla to TFS.

Bugzilla undoubtedly is an excellent defect-tracking tool. But when we talk about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) offered by the TFS with end-to-end traceability, defect management in an external tool may prove to be the major chink in your armor.

Even though the intent of moving away from Bugzilla to TFS may be lurking in your mind, the lack of the tools for the purpose may be hindering your plans. The sheer efforts required to move the current defect information from Bugzilla to the TFS may be the primary deterrent.

‘Bugzilla to TFS Migrator’ Tool can migrate the complete defect information from the Bugzilla Defect Tracking System into the Microsoft Team Foundation Server. The data migrated would include the following:

  • The information from the defect fields
  • The transaction history
  • The transition history
  • The user information
  • The attachments
  • The final state
  • The current assignee
Ensure flawless software 
                    development with Bugzilla

Aha! Simplifies Business Management

Aha! is the world’s #1 product roadmap software. Building software is invigorating, and product managers should be the happiest people on earth. Azure DevOps (earlier VSO) is one of the leading DevOps platforms in the world. Aha and Azure DevOps both are provided as SaaS and serve millions of people, Canarys brings the best in both tools by building integration between Aha and Azure DevOps.

With Canarys, strategizing, ideating, planning, showcasing, production, and launching are effortless. With us, the two-way integration allows you to

  • Push features and requirements from Aha! Into the Microsoft Azure DevOps.
  • Receive updates back in Aha! as the engineering makes updates.
Aha! Simplifies Business 
Aha! Simplifies Business 

TFS to Azure DevOps Migration

Ever since Azure DevOps (Earlier Visual Studio Team Services) was released to provide a hosted SaaS service for development teams, Azure DevOps customers have been asking Canarys to import their TFS databases to take advantage of all the incredible capabilities of Visual Studio Team Services. We are happy to say that we are one of the very few Microsoft Azure DevOps Qualified Partner providing end-to-end solutions for TFS to Azure DevOps migration.

Why migrate to Azure DevOps 
                    (VSTS Earlier) from TFS?

Why migrate to Azure DevOps (VSTS Earlier) from TFS?

Are you already using TFS? Enjoy the benefits of Azure DevOps by moving to this environment today!

With Azure DevOps, there is no overhead of maintaining infrastructure, no need to upgrade to newer versions of TFS, and most importantly, we are getting all the latest features of Azure DevOps. We can help you with the migration and make sure DevOps pipelines are intact.

Canarys was one of the first DevOps partners to get their hands dirty on this new tool as part of the Private Preview program. Now that the tool is publicly available, we can help companies like yours move quickly and reliably from TFS to Azure DevOps. We are proud to be part of a select group of Microsoft Qualified TFS to Azure DevOpsMigration Partners that can work with this new migration tool to help customers move to Azure DevOps quickly and safely.

Throughout the process, we will help you get all the prerequisites together to prepare you for the migration.

  • If you are not on one of TFS’s 2 latest updates, we will upgrade you to the latest TFS version.
  • We will make the collection ready to migrate by modifying process templates to suit the Azure DevOps process.
  • On-premise Azure Active Directory Sync.
  • Generate mappings between your on-premises users and Azure AD
  • Taking back and restoring to Azure Blob storage.
  • Execute a few commands to push the collection for migration.
  • After that, we will be ready to get you to Azure DevOps.

Benefits of Teaming up with Canarys

We let you work closely with the industry’s top professional DevOps engineers. Team up with us and let the experts handle your project with their expertise right from the start.

PRO DevOps engineers

We at Canarys help in the development of Long as well as short-term products for our clients as per their needs.

Agile development team

Companies observe satisfied and more participating teams with faster and cost-effective releases as a result of partnering with our workforce.

Cost drop

At Canarys, we employ the best and most enhanced work culture and technology with improved workflows that cut off your unnecessary costs. Additionally, we assist SaaS companies in drastically reducing and controlling cloud costs.

A better operational support

For easier collaboration, the DevOps migration solution streamlines a project’s data and information flow with better quality monitoring and documentation.

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