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Canarys DevOps solutions framework streamlines automation infrastructure and automates DevOps CI/CD pipelines with advanced tools.

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We are the industry’s leading DevOps solution providers, helping our esteemed clients scale ROIs with the finest experts and seamless expertise.

  • Create technologically advanced, cloud-first IT environments that support high-performance, expandable, and agile technology.
  • Sync and integrate development and operations teams.
  • Consolidate communication between all stakeholders and eliminate silos.
  • Improve customer experience, accelerate time to market, and achieve quick yet reliable programming.
Approach That Adds Value

DevOps Solutions

DevOps Assessment & Strategy Planning

DevOps Assessment & Strategy Planning

Explore new ways to optimize business performances with DevOps assessment & strategy planning solutions! At Canarys, growing enterprises can facilitate tech-driven business development by integrating operations and strategic planning approaches delivered by our tech experts.

  • A detailed assessment of culture, procedure, and toolchain,
  • Visualization of the enterprise’s situation,
  • Creating an appropriate action plan
  • Adapting to upcoming changes.

DevOps Pilot Implementation and Production Strategy

With Canarys DevOps pilot implementation & production strategy, developers can significantly reduce the designated time for the application development lifecycle. We emphasize exemplary practices, strategy, tech stacks, and cultural resources to adhere to continuous integration and development. Our process includes- analysis of the pre-DevOps situation, DevOps culture development, DevOps process, picking toolchain, security approaches, measuring DevOps metrics, and finally, building intelligent solutions.

DevOps Assessment & Strategy Planning

DevOps Automation – DevOps End-to-End Implementation & Automation

Canarys DevOps automation assists thousands of budding startups to large teams in reducing manual efforts and eliminating repetitive DevOps activities. Our end-to-end DevOps automations cover CI/CD, Containerization, Infrastructure as Code, Test automation, and other vital SDLC areas. DevOps solution powered by Canarys offers a fast-paced application development lifecycle while drastically reducing manual errors and enhancing productivity.


DevOps Migration Solution

With Canarys DevOps migration solution, startups or growing business enterprises can boost scalability while upgrading to advanced tech systems. We have adequate proficiencies and unique computing resources to simplify the TFS transition journey for business ventures with minimal downtime. Be it code migration for SVN, GitHub, VSS, or Defect migration from Bugzilla, ClearQuest, etc.

DevOps Assessment & Strategy Planning

Migration Assessment

Canarys has launched accessible migration assessment facilities to minimize business transition risk and fine-tune technical orchestration at every stage. With seamless migration assessment by Canarys, business organizations can enjoy a depletion in infrastructure costs, agile IT systems, prompt turnkey migration, and better workload management.


Planning and Assistance

At Canarys, we allow developing organizations to accelerate their business journey by integrating our effective DevOps solutions. Our comprehensive planning & assistance facilities provide faster software release cycles, offer flexible adaptation to dynamic market conditions, and boost go-to-market time. In this tech era, we have synergized operation, process, and security throughout the development pipeline to get an edge over the leading solution providers.

Custom Solution DevOps

Sew The Seeds Of Better Tomorrow

Uninterrupted customization of project workflows while utilizing outstanding features at a single click! Whether it is a complex work process or a hectic one, Canarys Jira solutions revamp the system for easy management. We provide custom Jira solutions to help startups discover new roadmaps even in changing business landscapes and stay ahead while implementing a centralized real-time controlling system.

Sew The Seeds Of Better Tomorrow

With Canarys Aha! Roadmap Solutions, enterprises can experience improved sprint visibility and faster development approaches. Developers can load data irrespective of direction, establish strategies, emphasize project features, and more. Introduce two-way data synchronization, modify existing and updated records, and manage bulk data for a convenient DevOps custom solution with Aha! configured by Canarys!

Sew The Seeds Of Better Tomorrow
DevOps Pipeline Automation

We offer a set of automated resources and tools to allow tech crats to deploy code with DevOps pipeline automation quickly. Consolidate the individual development stages and operational process that excel SDLC speed, bring flexibility and embrace automations. Canarys have included all critical components in DevOps pipeline, for instance, continuous delivery, continuous feedback, and continuous operations.

DevOps Container Solutions

Kubernetes CI/CD
Kubernetes CI/CD

Implement the most preferred DevOps container management solution with Canarys Kubernetes CI/CD! Comprehensive API, extensive features, and scalable applications widespread the instances over the data centers seamlessly and continue running to speed up with automations level. We ensure minimal human interactions in source code repository modifications, verification, compilation, and cluster deployment stages.  

DevOps Process Automation
DevOps Process Automation

Capture the suitable toolchain and seize continual collaboration with Canarys DevOps process automation. Our solution scones with a wide array of benefits like driving environmental consistency, uniting enterprise culture, facilitating application quality and security, cutting skyrocketing DevOps solution costs, and more. Manage complex workflows at scale while simplifying DevOps transition with specialized container solutions with us.  

Step into a productive culture to hasten application releases with better quality programming and technical support through assessment, planning, roadmap design, and implementing automated deployment pipelines for enterprises.

Transform With Canarys

With extensive expertise, skills, and technical know-how, the dedicated specialists of Canarys help new-gen companies leverage profits extensively with comprehensive, transformative digital solutions. Our DevOps practice provides top-notch UX, accurate integration of well-architected and robust applications, considerably shorter time-to-market, and highly optimized CI/CD pipelines.

Our library of benefits comprises –

  • High-speed solution execution with an expenditure-saving approach through accelerated software deployment.
  • Fine-grained analytics coupled with DevOps automation to achieve world-class productivity improvements at a fraction of the price.
  • Consistently higher quality output is through industry best practices for agile DevOps and our collaborative culture.
  • Immediate project support with the help of our scalable team of certified engineers with expertise in all the major cloud platforms.
 Transform With Canarys
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Discover Better Values


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