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Canarys DevOps Testing Approach

DevOps culture adopts the Shift Left testing approach, which contrasts with traditional environments where testing happens at the end of the development. Shift Left testing pushes the testing to the left, the earlier steps of the software development process. There, testing is also started when the development is started. This approach helps to identify bugs as early as possible.

These inherent features of a DevOps testing environment contribute significantly towards improving software quality. Still, the success or failure of the testing strategy depends on how well organisations implement DevOps best practices for testing.

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Canarys Practices for DevOps Testing

Leverage test automation smartly
Leverage test automation smartly
  • Understanding testing basics
  • Obtain management & Executive buy-in
  • Engage test automation experts
  • Find key test cases to define scope
  • Selection of Automation Tools
  • Design & develop the framework
  • Report & Maintain

Identify the automation engineers

  • Our SDETs are capable of both Manual and Automation testing
  • Identifying automatable test scenarios
  • Creating automation scripts using a chosen test automation framework
  • Finding the tool that best fits your team organisation’s testing approach.
Identify the automation engineers
Identify the right automation tools

Identify the right automation tools

  • Canarys has experience in using various automation tools, both open-source or licensed ware, such as Selenium, Katalon studio, Telerik, JMeter, Postman/SoapUI etc.

Leverage on right metrics to track the performance

  • Canarys uses tailor-made metrics based on the customer’s requirements.
Leverage on right metrics to track the performance
Maintaining the right test artifacts

Maintaining the right test artifacts. Out Test artifacts include:

  • Test Summary Reports
  • Test plan
  • Test Cases and Results
  • Risk Assessment reports
  • Regression test reports

Why Choose Canarys for DevOps testing?

Putting DevOps technologies and testing techniques into practice aids businesses in embracing a cultural shift that fosters better teamwork, raises the calibre of code and accelerates the rate at which changes in the business are responded to. Collaborating with DevOps industry experts like Canarys helps enterprises implement the best DevOps automation practices, methodologies, and testing approaches that have a beneficial and quality impact.

At Canarys, we utilise DevOps testing solutions to standardise efforts and ensure a faster time-to-market. We prioritise delivering enhanced deployment quality while maximising operational effectiveness. Our DevOps testing experts support your DevOps transition and testing efforts by configuring and using CI/CD tools and their extensive background on

  • Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • Continuous Integration (CI) testing
Why Choose Canarys for DevOps testing?

Count on Canarys to experience the best services as we cater to our customers with high-end tech-driven solutions infused with the right tools and expertise to deliver a continuous DevOps testing environment and collaborative development of excellent business epitome.

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