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In this blog we will discuss about Azure Pipelines report. This report provides the details of build and release pipeline results across projects that is at the Azure DevOps Organization level, over a certain duration. I can select the Azure DevOps Organization and the duration and choose Build from the toggle button and then click on “Get Report”. For details on release result across projects. I must change the toggle to Releases and then click on “Get Report”. The below image example is for builds. You can filter the results based on build definition, project, and outcome. And click on the “Build No” and it will take you to build details in Azure DevOps portal.


In the below image you can see the Release results details. You can filter the report based on the Release definition, Team Project, or the Outcome of the execution. You can also see the status for each of the stages in Release workflow. The other feature is you can click on the Release Name and it will take you to the release details in Azure DevOps portal.


Based on our interaction with customers and our observation over the forums and user voice, this report or view is most asked one. Where it will help the Build or Release Manager to quickly check the details of pipelines across projects in one place or view. The other small but important feature is exporting to Excel or PDF this will help to communicate with other stakeholders or email. In future updates the DevOpSmartBoard product team is planning to have datetime and approver for each stage in release workflow.

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