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DevOpSmartBoard- Multiple Team Capacity


In this blog we will discuss about Multiple Team Capacity reports. This one also is the most demanded report that have been asked by Azure DevOps customer from a long time. Sprint and Capacity Planning is a most sought out feature of Azure DevOps by project managers and companies following Agile or Scrum methodology, this works great for a particular team. But we have seen in our conversation that lot of teams and companies have shared resources who work in multiple teams in a project or across projects. For them a consolidated view of team members and their respective capacity across teams really helps managers and delivery heads to plan correctly. The answer is DevOpSmartBoard multiple team capacity report.

The report provides information about multiple teams following same sprint cycle, their current capacity, then team members and capacity per team and summed value across multiple teams and days-off.


In the first you can choose the DevOps Organization, Team Project, and the sprint/iteration.


Once you have selected all the values, you will see in the section the Team Capacity of multiple teams for that sprint. This table consists data about each team’s total and current capacity, total and current workdays remaining and sprint dates.


In the next section you see the team members who are part of Teams for the selected sprint. The table displays the list of team members, (1) their capacity for each teams and (2) a total count of capacity in terms of Hrs. across teams. In the below image you can see user “Nagaraj Bhairaji” is part of 3 teams, and he is available for 2, 8 and 4hrs respectively, thus the total 14Hrs. capacity per day, which is not good. That’s the best part of this report to highlight this kind of mistakes while planning. It would have been difficult for a manager to check the availability each of these members, in all the teams and calculate whether total falls within the permissible range of 7-9 hrs. for a day.


In the last section there is table displaying the days-off or the planned leaves the team members are taking. Thus, providing all the necessary details for capacity planning across Teams in a project. You can also see the highlighted option “Org Level Users Capacity”, the Org Level Users Capacity options provides the capacity details of users across teams and project collectively, if all the projects are following same sprint and duration, will explain below.


Other reports and charts are explained in another blog, you can read DevOpSmartBoard allied blogs by searching the tag DevOpSmartBoard.

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