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DevOpSmartBoard – Org Level Reports Part 1


Org Level Reports:

The Org Level Reports is one of the features in the DevOpSmartBoard which gives you an overview of all the projects and data in your organization. There are several sub-features within the Org Level Reports, which are listed below.

1. Org Overview

2. All Project Details

3. Query Work Items

4. Userlist Groups

5. My Activities

6. Kanban

7. Commits

We will describe the Org Level Reports, All Project Details and Query Work Items in this blog.

Org Overview:

This report displays information about your organization’s projects, Work items, Pull requests, and Team members. The data can be filtered based on the criteria, allowing you to see the information you require.


The first chart displays the severity of each bug which can be either critical, major, or minor. There is also an option to filter by Priority or Severity, the bar graph shows the bugs that are present across all the projects from the selected organization.


The graph below shows the total number of Work items across all the projects.  The second graph shows Pull requests that are currently “Active”.


To view all the project’s work items, click on “Show all project data”.


The below report displays the number of pipelines created in each project, and the next chart displays the number of releases created.


All Project Details:

All Project Details help us to view information about all active projects, including Name, Description, Process Template, Version Control Type, Work Item Count, and Project Admin lists in the selected organization.


You can enable the “Installed Extensions” option to see a list of Extension Names ,Publisher Names ,Installed Versions and Last Updated which are installed in your organization.


Query Work Items:

Query Work Items allows us to filter specific work item types that we wish to view in the chart. The first pie chart categories work items based on its type and the work items by assigned to is shown in the second chart.


The image below displays work items according to their States and Sprints. They include the Pie, Line, and Bar chart types where you can filter as needed. The number of Work items present will be visible when you hover the cursor over any point on the graph.


Other Features are covered in a different blog; you may use the tag to look for other DevOpSmartBoard-related blogs  DevOpSmartBoard

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