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DevOpSmartBoard Organization Dashboard Overview


DevOpSmartBoard -The Ultimate End-To-End and One Stop Dashboard solution for all the reporting needs in Azure DevOps at organization and project level. DevOpSmartBoard is currently in preview and has the following reports available:

  • DevOps Organization and project level metrics
  • Query work items with various combination of filters and export to excel
  • User Audit: count of User licenses and types, and display non-active users (not used Azure DevOps from last 30 days)
  • Traceability from Epic to granular level Tasks
  • User Capacity across Teams & Projects
  • Project Health
  • Reports on Azure Pipelines at organization levels


DevOpSmartBoard is published in Marketplace.



In this blog we will discuss about Organization View or Dashboard. This view provides metrics about the Azure DevOps Organization. The following information will be displayed in the report page:

In the first section of the report, the Tiles will display the count of Team Projects in the DevOps Organization, total count of work items, Azure Repos, count of Pull-Requests, Build & Release Pipeline count and total number of users in the organization.



The next 2 sections are about Bug reports. The first one displays the Bug trend across projects based on Active & Resolved states. The report displays the trend for last 30 days, it provides insights like whether there is increase in bugs across projects, or bugs are regularly worked on and resolved, or active bugs are increasing exponentially, or bugs are resolved at a rapid rate. This report provides the data points that can be used to analyze the trend and helps the key stake holders, delivery heads or managers to take necessary actions accordingly.



In the second section of bug reports, they are 2 charts Open bugs by severity and Open bugs by project. The first provides metrics on how many bugs are there and categorized by severity, the second chart depicts open bugs by project wise and provides break-up by severity.



Next section has horizontal bar graph which provides the count of work items by projects, with listing the projects with highest work item count first.The pie chart depicts Active Pull requests by projects.



To see all the projects and respective work item count, click on Show more



In the last section, we have 2 horizontal bar charts on pipelines. The first one is count of Build pipelines per project and other one is count of Release pipelines per project. Both these graphs provide insights into which project is using most of the pipelines feature of Azure DevOps.


To see all the projects pipeline count, click on Show more.


Other reports and charts are explained in another blog, you can search other DevOpSmartBoard related blogs by searching the tag DevOpSmartBoard. For more details contact us at

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