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DevOpSmartBoard – Subscribers


DevOpSmartBoard – Subscribers

DevOpSmartBoard -The Ultimate End-To-End and One Stop Dashboard solution for all the reporting needs in Azure DevOps at organization and project level. DevOpSmartBoard is currently in preview and has the following reports available:

·         DevOps Organization and project level metrics

·         Query work items with various combination of filters and export to excel

·         User Audit: count of User licenses and types, and display non-active users (not used Azure DevOps from last 30 days)

·         Traceability from Epic to granular level Tasks

·         User Capacity across Teams & Projects

·         Project Health

·         Reports on Azure Pipelines at organization levels

DevOpSmartBoard is published in Marketplace.

In this blog we will discuss about Subscribers Page. This report mainly helps Azure DevOps Organization Owners or Admins with respect to license related information. It helps them to study the active/inactive status of user and helps to save on license cost by revoking the license for non-active members.

This report provides the user details of the DevOps organization, list of users and information about user access level to the projects in the organization, date of user added, last accessed, and based on the select activity days 30/60/90, it will display active or inactive. Inactive users having basic access level is downgraded from basic users to stakeholder.

The Subscriber report displays the number of licensed users in subscription categories like basic users, basic + test plan users, stakeholders (free), Visual Studio subscribers (monthly or annual subscription-based license, purchased through marketplace/azure account) and other subscription or license types.

In the next section, you can see the list of users and filter options to select Access levels (based on license), activity status (active/Inactive) and duration to check the activity status.

You can also check the access for the projects in the Organization for the individual users. Another feature of the report, if the list of users is huge, you can search for the users with their name.

The report displays the total user count at the bottom of the table for each filter selection, this helps us to understand the total count of users for access levels, activity status. Also, one more important feature is to export the result into pdf or excel file, this can be of great help to send mails to concerned project managers/admins or for any another email communization.

Overall, this report will be favorite for DevOps Owners and Admins, so that they can quickly check on licensed users, act based on activity status (if inactive revoke the license) and to easily communicate over the email by exporting to pdf/excel, thus saving costs for the team and company.

Other reports and charts are explained in another blog, you can search other DevOpSmartBoard related blogs by searching the tag DevOpSmartBoard. For more details contact us at

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